Indians Short Takes

By Greg Brinda

Freaking Fausto Carmona

I think, I hope I pray Choo is finally getting it

Freaking Fausto Carmona

Keep doing your thing Pronk

Freaking Fausto Carmona

Grady just what do you do well

Freaking Fausto Carmona

Asdrubal you are an All Star in every way

Freaking Fausto Carmona

Every Indians starting pitcher should pay for the bullpen’s meals on the road

Freaking Fausto Carmona

How can you not like Michael Brantly

Freaking Fausto Carmona

When Chris Perez is on he’s as good as Mariano Rivera in his prime

Freaking Fausto Carmona

Acta, Shapiro and Antonetti need to figure out what to do with (see below)

Freaking Fausto Carmona



1 Comment

  1. Our pen is keeing us alive. Though relievers other than stoppers are not usually chosen for the AllStar team I question why not ? Pestano has been dominant and should be an All-Star. Trade Sizemore. Lefties galore ! Sizemore and a decent pitching prospect for Alfonso Soriano ? Need to balance that lineup !!

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