The Glass Half Full Tavern

I am NOT talking about AMERICAN FIREWORKS lighting up the skies BUT about Fausto and the facts, just fact’s…In his last Eight starts:

* He has given up at least 4 earned runs!

* He is 1-6!

* His ERA is 8.87!

* He has given up 44 runs in 44 2/3 innings!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! Even more crazed, is Manny Acta saying he “will trot him out in 5 days!” YES! Trot him out of the bullpen! Why not C BUS? He is out of options! A CHANGE IS NEEDED ASAP! His collapse yesterday in the Rockies 5th inning was purely between the ears! YUP! Gray matter or lack of!

Now, part of me last night felt bad for Fausto but he is a PRO, has as good of stuff as most pitchers, and is PAID to do a JOB! NOT DOING IT? Get some one else in NOW! Huff, McCalister and Gomez are ready to come up! MAKE A MOVE MANNY! You replaced the hitting coach as you saw the TRIBE IS IN A DIVISION RACE STILL so stop the bleeding with Fausto!

Enjoy every sandwich.

Adios Amigos – long may you run!


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