At Four? Stay Close!

Some draft morning intel leads me to believe that Texas “tough guy” freshman, 6-8 Tristan Thompson has wowed the Cavaliers, and specifically owner Dan Gilbert this week, and may now be in play for the wine and gold with the 4th overall selection, should Turkish big man Enes Kanter be off the board at 2 or 3. Unfortunately, I believe he will be. Kanter heads their desired list, yet they might have to get creative by moving up to Utah’s spot at 3, if not Minnesota’s at 2, to grab him.

Thompson is a rugged defender, who has tremendous upside at 19…there’s that phrase again, huh? He does show excellent skill in the paint offensively with a variety of jump hooks, explosive moves to the rim, and short jumpers, yet shoots just 48 percent from the line, and could struggle against bigger fours around the hoop. That having been said, he brings a nasty demeanor and strong desire to excel to the party, which has Gilbert intrigued.

I still believe the Cavaliers will start to wheel and deal at four with Kanter off the board. Houston, Washington, and Charlotte have multiple first round choices. Yet do not be surprised if they take a shot with Thompson, who most certainly has come into play for not just the Cavaliers, but others in the top 10.


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  1. Fill gaps – PG will be taken care of with Irving and I want Kanter to be a legit center but how about Clay Thompson to fill the # 2 ?

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