NBA Mock Draft

By Kenny Roda

Here’s my NBA Top 12 Mock Draft, but it could change if the Cavaliers decide to trade the #4 overall pick which is a good possibility. However, if they can’t find a dance partner at #4, I believe they will make a selection there based on potential and what’s best for the future of the team, more so than a pick who may be better now, but not as good down the road. Ideally the Cavs would like to trade with Minnesota so they can take Derrick Williams to team up with Kyrie Irving, but they won’t do that if they have to give up a draft pick next year. It comes down to what the Timber Wolves would want, and do the Cavs have enough to satisfy Minnesota’s needs? A number of these top 12 teams are willing to make a deal, so that could throw the my mock totally out of whack, but I’m making these selections based on all teams staying put. So here we go:

1 – Cleveland – Kyrie Irving – PG – Duke

2 – Minnesota – Derrick Williams – PF – Arizona

3 – Utah – Enes Kanter – C – Kentucky

4 – Cleveland – Jonas Valanciunas – C – Lithuania

5 – Toronto – Brandon Knight – PG – Kentucky

6 – Washington – Jan Vesley – PF – Czech Republic

7 – Sacramento – Jimmer Fredette – PG – BYU

8 – Detroit – Bismack Biyombo – PF/C – Congo

9 – Charlotte – Kawhi Leonard – SF – San Diego St.

10 – Milwaukee – Klay Thompson – SG – Washington St.

11 – Golden St. – Tristian Thompson – PF – Texas

12 – Utah – Kemba Walker – PG – U-Conn

Teams the Cavs will be talking to about making trades: Minnesota at #2, Washington at #6 and Houston at #14. They would talk to Minnesota to try and get Williams. They would talk with the Wizards to get picks #6 and #18. They would talk with Houston to get picks #14 and #23 and/or a veteran player at the SG or SF position.


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  1. Is there a rumor of # 7 for the trade exception ? Would love to fill 3 gaps. Clay Thompson could fill the # 2. With true centers such a rare commodity Kanter is almost a must. IMO.

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