Anywhere But South Beach

By Emmet Golden

Just when you thought Miami couldn’t take anything else from Cleveland, the Chicago Bulls traded their 28th pick to the Heat. That pick was CSU’s Mr. Everything, Norris Cole.

I had the pleasure of covering Norris during his epic senior year at Cleveland State. A year in which Cole was named Horizon League Defensive Player of the Year and League MVP. Don’t forget about the night in February when he scored 41points and snatched 20 rebounds against Youngstown State. Oh yeah, he had 9 assists that night too.

Now Norris Cole’s talents are headed to South Beach. I have said plenty of times I will never root for the Heat as long as you know who plays there. Now that Norris is a part of that team – I STILL WON’T ROOT FOR THEM!

Although I WILL root for Norris.

If you have ever met this young man there is no way you can root against him. He is just too good of a person to spew negativity toward. You can tell he is just a good person. Very smart and very respectful. Someone his mother and father can be proud of (and they are).

So let me say, congratulations Norris, I wish “you” nothing but the best!




  1. Norris is the man! He and Z will be the only “Cheat” players I’ll be rooting for. I bet Norris won’t disappear in the 4th quarter. Much love Norris Cole!!

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