Cavs Draft Grade

By Kenny Roda

I give the Cavs a “C” grade for this draft.

They did get the best player in the draft in point guard Kyrie Irving which can’t be overlooked, but I think they reached at #4 in selecting the offensively challenged Tristian Thompson. They already have a high motor, rebounding, defensive player in Anderson Varejao and 4 other power forwards. Also, the trading of 2nd round pick Justin Harper for two future 2nd round picks makes no sense. His strength is shooting and scoring, and that is one of the biggest weaknesses of the Cavaliers. So when you put all of that together, my letter grade for Chris Grant’s 1st draft as Cavs G.M. is a “C”.




  1. A C is generous in my opinion. I think it’s a D, without Irving a clear F.

  2. Just wanted to add, I agree with everything you said. Also, passing on Moore with a pick on an undersized Kevin Love type player (who has zero atheletic ability and is rich in Israel) who has no intentions of coming to Cleveland was a complete joke…. Who will be our starting #2 this year? Free agency? JR Smith? Nah, I don’t see it happening.

  3. They obviously did not like V’s contract status. With Kanter gone I do not have a problem with Thompson. Not really worried about a project 32nd pick.

  4. Don’t forget that Andy probably doesn’t want to be here anymore and that any PFs on the roster whose name doesn’t rhyme with AA Sixton sucks and would not make another teams D-League roster. Lastly, the only team in the East that really has a true C is Orlando, so playing multiple PFs isn’t really a bad thing.

    I find it funny how you wanted to draft V, but the only thing that guy could do was dunk with his 4″ vertical, yet Thompson is a bad pick, and all his does is get every rebound and dunk on people. Stick-boy V isn’t getting rebounds in the NBA.

    I heard Ben Wallace had a pretty successful career as a defensive guy, so did Dennis Rodman. I think 14 hours is a little short to pass judgment on whether a freshman Big 12 All-Defense team is a bad pick or not. (For the record, I wanted Kawhi Leonard at #4)

  5. Actually the Cavs only have two spots available on their roster – Parker and Gee. Where would they put Harper? That is why they traded that pick and received two additional draft picks which are valuable in futurre trades. Additionally, Valanciunas would not sign the paperwork needed to get him out of his current contract and thus the Cavs passed on him. JJ’s contract is up next year. It looks like he could become good trade bait.

  6. Agree with the to comments! This grade is a D. We reahed at 4 and if we are gonna reach, how about for a position we need. If we were gonna take a pg and pf then Willams and Knight would have been the way to go. Can’t believe we passed on Jonas. thought Harper was the best pf we drafted and then we just “give” him away. And with Iriving’s injury history, this draft could set us back not ahead. And how could we leave some talented wings on the board in the 2nd rd. Money? Not sure, but the contracts aren’t guarenteed so idk? Epic Failure!

  7. I agree w you Kenny! Thought this was a poor draft for the Cavs and give them a C-. I like the Irving pick then blew it at #4 with Thompson. I didn’t realize the Cavs were good enough to draft a role player who needs offensive help when there were impact players to be had. The 3rd pick we traded w the hopes that there will be more value in round 2 in 2012 and 13 ( we needed help now!). Then to draft the Serbian who is terrible above the rim and may not even make it to the US let alone play for the Cavs. Hard to get some of them Euro’s over here. I am very disappointed!!!!

  8. I definantly Grant screwed up this draft. I feel a better route would have been Valuncias at four keep him overseas for a year and Harper in the second round and keep him.

  9. Ide say a D. he could of made a big splash this year like everyone thought he was going to. instead he made safe plays and didnt pull the trigger on any of the long roomered trades that would of given the Cavs 3 picks in the top 10 we end up with 2 average quality picks in the top 50

  10. The trading of Justin Harper makes a ton of sense as does drafting a Euro who will stay overseas. Let us first understand the Cavs already have a bunch of guaranteed contracts this season. There is no way they were ever intending to draft 4 players to be on the roster. You can only have so many young guys on the roster and it’s certainly time to see what we have in Erden and Samuels. Add Thompson and Irving to that mix and there are already 4 very young players that you need to give minutes to…33% of your active 12.

    So you’re going to take 2 more guys at 32 and 54? And get rid of who? They get 2 future picks for 1 of them and draft another who stays overseas for at least a couple years. Having assets for future use is never a bad thing, just ask Bill Belichick. Whether or not #54 ever comes over here is not going to make or break the Cavs.

    This is not going to get rebuilt in one draft. When you step back and look at the forest, you now see a PG that by many accounts is expected to become a very good PG in this league if not a star. You have a PF that conservatively will be a very solid player. This team is a lottery team again next year when hopefully the draft is a bit deeper in terms of star power. You add one of those guys next year and all of the sudden 2-3 years out you are looking at a team with an impressive young core that now has cap space.

    Don’t count out the idea of the Cavs using that trade exception to take a bad contract and the 1st round pick of a bad team, essentially “buying” a lottery pick. Gilbert did that this season and we got Irving as a result. Also, don’t forget other assets that the Cavs have now…primarily Sessions and Hickson.

    If you wanted a quick rebuild, then yes this draft failed. If that’s what you’re grading on, then you’re missing the point.

    • The blog is contradictory to what Roda says on air. Roda wants a high pick next year, as do I. Bsically he is saying Rome was not built in a day. Then Roda complains Cavs trade a second rounder? Huh? Relax Ken, the scorer will have to come next year with the high draft choice. Rome was not built in a day. But I agree w Roda that TT was a reach and owner-generated.

  11. This was a very weak draft. They got the best player who declared, so I give them an A++. Irving, Thompson, Erden, Hollins, Harangody, Eyenga, and Gee gives the Cavs a nice core group of guys to build around. They add vets like Davis, Gibson, and Jamison with Verejao, Hickson and Sessions being valuable trading assets will only make the Cavs better. Stay positive y’all, it can olny get better.

  12. Trading the high second pick blew my mind. That guy should be a contributor somehow. It is essentially a low first rounder !

  13. Yahoo sports (VERY well respected) gave the Cav’s draft an “A”. WKNR personalities, in general, ALWAYS complain about what ANY of our sports teams do, everyday, all the time. It is the CONTRIVED only way they THINK they can attract and maintain a listener base.

    See Aaron & Ned vs, Rizz, Brinda (who think he has to complain about everything) and in general, “the station”.

    When guys like Brinda can hang up on callers non-stop and yell at anyone who disagrees with him and say, and I quote, “I am not going anywhere”…it is absolutely useless to EVER try to call the station and have an opposing view. I won’t EVER call. Why? To get hung up on and then hear the “crew” WONDER WHAT YOU MEANT – TOO BAD THEY HUING UP ALREADY AFTER A 10 SECOND TAKE…lol. WHAT A JOKE IT HAS BECOME.

    Oops – caps lock error and it is not worth anyone’s time to retype that as NOTHING ever changes…

    Love it when they say “but, your listening?!”…cuz there is nothing else that is live & local. A nice alternative to Bacon is CHUCK”S LAST CALL” on STO!!!!!!! Infinetely better in about 25 ways!

    • But what do you think about what Roda wrote?

      Feels like my old 33 is skipping when I read your posts

  14. “This was a very weak draft. They got the best player who declared, so I give them an A++. Irving, Thompson, Erden, Hollins, Harangody, Eyenga, and Gee gives the Cavs a nice core group of guys to build around. They add vets like Davis, Gibson, and Jamison with Verejao, Hickson and Sessions being valuable trading assets”

    That’s not a core group that is too inviting. Irving and Thompson but the rest…meh. Has Eyenga worked on his outside shot and ball handling enoughthat he doen’t have a Hickson type offensive game (nothing but dunks) Hollins is too undersized to giveyou consistent minutes. He showed flashes but he’s not strong enough to bang down low night after night . Not to mention he’s offensively challenged as well. Harangody could probably play the Wally role to a dgeree but he’s not a piece to builkd around.

    • I’m all for being positive but this team has way to many holes to fill and it’s going to have to be done through the draft and FA. This organization doesn’t have too many tradable assets that will land you a big piece to the puzzle. You’ll see trades for role players but that’s about it.

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