By Greg Brinda

I guess we will be debating Tristan Thompson until the end of time or until he proves the Cavs right he was the best pick.

Let’s face it this was as weak a draft as we have seen in a couple of decades and Thompson could be a genius move

What bothers me is that there is a belief that Dan Gilbert had a lot to say as to whom the team should take or have the final say. If that’s the case, then I got news for you – this organization is screwed. Gilbert is not a basketball guy and I hope he just sat back and said to Chris Grant do your job and make the best choice. I will believe for now that Gilbert let Grant do his job.

As for the two second round picks I am not surprised one was traded and the other will stay in Europe. Grant stayed true to his word. Identify the 10 to 15 players that are true NBA talents. When the Cavs got to the second round, there were none left

As I have said this isn’t going to happen over night. Getting back to the playoffs will happen and the sooner the better. When this team will become a true championship caliber team might not happen for a long time if ever.



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  1. I like Thompson because he’s already being compared to probably the best player on the team in Andy. I believe that the team will try to move Andy to a contender, for someone who will be able to step in and contribute right away, so to have a guy like Thompson who will learn from the best in Coach Scott, will be awesome. In a few years he could be what Andy is on defense and what JJ is on offense. I can’t wait, Go Cavs!! FIRST!!

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