Cavs Draft

By Aaron Goldhammer

One of the picks was a forgone conclusion. The other was a shock. The reaction here in New Jersey: a stunned group of national media calling Tristan Thompson the “reach of the draft.”

He avoided the pitfall of taking the Lithuanian uber-project, but Cavs GM Chris Grant took Thompson at number four when it was clear that he was not the fourth best player in the draft.

Personally, I might rather have Derrick Williams and Brandon Knight than Kyrie Irving and Thompson. While I think that the Texas forward could be a solid contributor in Cleveland for years, I don’t think he is a potential all-star. When drafting in the top five, there should at-least be a chance that player reaches that level. Alas, Thompson has a “high floor” but a “low ceiling.” He’ll contribute, but I don’t think he’ll ever live up to his draft position.

On Thursday night, Sports Illustrated college basketball analyst Seth Davis tweeted “I think the Cavs made big mistake taking Tristan Thompson at 4. Promising defensive specialist but no way he’s fourth best player in draft.”

Additionally, Thompson did not make friends with Cleveland when he told me that former Cavalier LeBron James is “like a big brother” to him. He works with Rich Paul and LeBron’s marketing firm. Neither one of these factors will matter if Thompson pans out. If he struggles, they will be magnified.

Overall first round grade: B-




  1. Bottom line: Yahoo Sports gave the Cav’s an “A” on the draft. Aaron’s blog is just more of him trying to stir the pot – like he does on everything! Just my opinion…I would call and try to explain my side, but one of Aaron’s biggest joys in life appears to be executing his “power” to hang up on pretty much EVERY caller on the RBS.

    It’s actually kinf of funny to hear Aaron on the show Saturday morning solo taking calls and hearing the absolute dread in his voice as he fields a few calls…hilarious!

  2. It doesn’t matter that Thompson said James is like a big brother and Rich Paul represents him. Everyone knows how AAU the league is and players will be friends with whomever. Paul still has a cordial; business relationship w/ Grant and Gilbert. No way can we expect incoming players to have the same hate towards all things LeBron that the fans feel.

    Don’t/didn’t like the idea of Knight coming to the Cavs. He still has room for a lot of improvement at PG. Taking Irving made sense as he was the best player there. While Thomson may not be worthy of the 4th pick (I don’t think he was) I’ll take the wait and see approach as it has been noted that the Cavs have been looking to strengthen their D and Thompson was the best fit. I wish they’d have traded down to get him bnut it is what it is.

    Joe, Aaron gave them a B- which is much higher than other national writers graded the Cavs.

    • Thanks for the info Scott…good to see Aaron’s Tremont or Beachwood drinking buddies take time to back him up on his pristine blog. I was talking about Yahoo and only Yahoo.

      • Neither a buddy of Aaron’s or a fan. Far past the point of hanging out in Tremont/Beachwood, no way could they hang with me in my prime down at The River’s Edge. Just pointing out that while you pile on him for giving the Cavs a B- on the draft that there were other national writers that graded the Cavs draft much lower than a host’s blog. It could be a very boring volly between you and I. For every Yahoo or Chad Ford that gave the Cavs an A, I could give you sites that grade the Cavs at a C or lower.

      • Don’t see how you can read what I posted and determine that I was coming to the rescue of Aaron other than the grade point I brought up.

        We won’t be able to determine the status of this draft for quite awhile until we see what happens on the court

      • Good points Scott…it’s all good. Aaron get’s under my skin & I tend to lash out…really just a lot of wasted energy. I have heard good sports talk over the years (example: WHK in their prime) and am just so tired of his tired bit.

        Go Cav’s, Tribe & Brown’s!

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