Here comes the Cavalry…or at least a scout!

By Munch

LONNIE IS COMING! LONNIE IS COMING! Yup, Adam Everett has been DFA (Designated for Assignment) and Lonnie Chisenhall is with the Tribe! What will that do for the Tribe bats? Well, as Edwin Starr sang about War and what it is good for “ABSOLUTELY NOTHIN'” I am not sure if that will describe Lonnie’s contributions at the plate BUT it will not be a cure all, a panacea for what ails the Indians bats BUT it shows the team is trying…YES TRYING!

I am shocked that YOU are not blaming the woeful offense on the Dolans!! Hmmm…who have we shipped that would have helped? I am NOT overpaying for an ailing Victor Martinez and when you tell me about JHONNY’s .308 it can stay in Detroit with his less than 100% demeanor! Why aren’t YOU praising them for the trades bringing the pitching staff in – starters and relievers?

What are other NFL QB’s doing in the offseason? BRIAN HOYER was at his HS Alma mater today tossing passes to some Wildcat WR’s!

Enjoy every sandwich.

Adios amigos – long may you run.



  1. Munch – Don’t mix Brian Hoyer with the tangency if that is a word. Lose Kearns and bring up Head or Huffman. We know what we have or do NOT have in Kearns. This happened to Jordan Brown. He may have amounted for something better if he was not deeked around. Trade Hannahan to the Giants who lost Sandoval at 3B. And yes I love the SF on the Giants cap ! In the name of Jim Ray Hart !!

  2. Wasn’t Lonnie injured? What’s his status?

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