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It hasn’t been pretty as of late, but the Indians are giving me exactly what I asked for, a team that is relevant into the 4th month of the season and maybe beyond.  I’m not sure how it’s going to end, but at least more people, including myself, will be paying attention to them into July, August, September, and who knows, maybe even October!

Having said that, they need to add at least one veteran bat, preferably a right-handed bat. Names to keep in mind: Casey Blake, Carlos Lee, & Jermaine Dye to name a few.

It’s also important that the Indians be relevant because both the NFL and the NBA could be in “Lockout” mode.  So if the Indians can stay in this thing, they’ll be the talk of the town and the focus of every sports fan in Cleveland and most of Ohio.

As far as the NFL and NBA go, figure it out fellas.  There’s too much at stake to not have a season in both leagues.  Forget the owners and players and their money issues, I’m more concerned about the restaurant and bar owners, servers and bartenders. The stadium vendors who count on the money from games as their main source of income.  I don’t feel sorry for the parking lot attendants, except for Lynn and her crew. The rest of you, too bad. Stop charging ridiculous prices to park a car and you’ll have my sympathy.


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  1. Your right the Indians do need a RIGHT hand bat! as for the NBA & NFL, thier fighting over more MONEY that the T.V. will be giving them. Each side wants more, enough is never enough!! With the economy so bad, & as father of 3, I can not afford to go!!! I think they could give the MONEY to the fans, REDUCE TICKET PRICES, REDUCE FOOD PRICES, & if your not going to do that give it to the workers that work all these games, they practically work for MIN. WAGE!!!!

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