The Cavs needed a SF and got a young one who’s 6’9, can shoot, is physical, has a lot of potential, is only 23, and has 2 years left on his contract at under $2 million per year.

The Cavs had a logjam at PF and basically nothing at SF. So Omri Casspi can come in and start because he’s the best SF on the team.

Hickson was in the final year of his contract and he wants to cash in through free agency and the Cavs don’t think he’s worth the contract he’ll be asking, which will be in the neighborhood of $10 million plus per year for 4 to 5 years.

Hickson is not the smartest player on the team and lacked effort and consistency. Plus he was not a favorite of Byron Scott or Mike Brown.

With the NBA lockout in full effect now, one of the main issues is to institute a hard cap, and if that happens, there is no way the Cavs were about to build the team around

Hickson and invest a lot of money in him, that would eat up a lot of cap space.

Also you may end up getting a future 1st round pick as early as next year, and if not next year, then in the future.  Draft picks, protected or unprotected, are coveted by the Cavs, and viewed as very valuable assets.

Hopefully this is a win-win for both the Cavs and the Kings.



  1. You realize the draft pick is heavily protected until 2017 then just turns into the second round pick right? What are the odds the Kings turn it around to the extent they’re better than a bottom ten team within the next 5 years? Probably negligible, but I hope we get something out of this other than Casspi.

  2. The logic is faulty. Cavs traded more talent for less talent, and at best, average player in the first round. Writer alleges coaches don’t like him…so what, JJ is 22 and will probably mature. Andd coaches leaver every threed yrs or so.

    The cap is an excuse. You don’t trade talent for cap. We don’t even know what it will be next year.

  3. The Cavs could have used some of the exemption just to buy Casspi from the Kings why did they have to give up Hickson for him. Hickson was the Cavs better trading pieces and we got a SF who could not even get off the bench for the most of his time on a bad team. He is below avg at D and seems to just want to stand in the corner and shoot 3’s.

    Let me ask everyone this why were the Cavs in such a rush to trade Hickson so fast. I really hope I am wrong but I just don’t see why Thompson is worth the #4 pick in the draft. Workouts mean nothing watch the game footage he disappears against better teams.

    Jimmer and Hickson, Walker and Hickson, Vansely and Hickson, hell even Knight and Hickson look better then Thompson and Casspi.

    Also is it not the coaches job to make a player better and help him through the tough times and teach him the right way to play. I feel Scott might not be the coach we though he was if he is already wanting to get rid of a player who is still young and learning the game. Scott needs to learn how to manage the personalities in the locker room and find a way to get through to a player like Hickson. Instead of just giving up on him and pretty much kicking him out the door.

  4. JJ was terrible when he came into the league. He was sooooo goofy I hated seeing him on the court. I was really surprised at how much he progressed, in terms of his overall abilities. When he first came into the league i thought there was only 1 thing he could do, JUMP (and dunk or block if his coordination inclined him too). Even through his progression, I’m still glad we traded him, because he was a huge liability, his shooting percentage was very low for a PF, considering how many times he dunked, which means any shot he took that wasn’t a dunk was probably a miss. that also means that he’s got a low basketball iq to take so many low percentage shots, and he constantly turned the ball over because he is still goofy and uncoordinated. he can jump out of the gym when he wants too, but thats the only time he played too, when he wanted to. We needed a small forward more than we needed jj at power forward because we just got a highly regarded (albeit canadian) prospect to fill jj’s place and take his starting roll. jj was a 6’9 PF. Now we have a 6’10” power foward, and a 6’9″ small foward. add kyrie irving at your PG, baron davis at the shooting guard, and Varajao and hollins rotating at pf/center. I personally think hollins could be great if he turned into an aggressive beast (i won’t hold my breath, but i’ll hope). i also like varajao playing more at PF, i think he loses size against Centers rendering some of his energy into a waste), I question how much baron davis has left in his tank. it might be a fun season to watch, kinda like the beginning of a superhero movie series where the characters are just starting to learn their super power, but right when they start to hone in on them, the movie is over, and you have to wait til next season to see how it plays out. . . GO CAVS

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