The Wound Has Closed, But The Scar Will Always Remain

I sat down to write a blog today about “The Decision”, one year removed, and wasn’t sure how the blog was going to go.  So many different thoughts running through my head from he’s a selfish, arrogant athlete who could give a damn about anybody else, to I’m glad the Heat lost in the finals this year and he panicked and choked again under pressure, to it’s time to move on and look to the future.

I’m never going to forget July 8, 2010, but here on July 8, 2011 it’s time for me to get excited for Kyrie Irving and the Cavs, Michael Brantley and Lonnie Chisenhall and the Indians, and Mike Holmgren and Joe Haden and the Browns. Yes, there will always be a scar from the wound that we all suffered at the hands of LeBron James, but just like with that other villain of Cleveland sports Art Modell, we need to move on and remember, “That which does not kill us, only makes us stronger!”

If Cleveland sports fans live by that motto, and with everything Cleveland sports fans have gone through, Cleveland sports fans should be by far, the strongest sports fans in the country! So use that strength to cheer on your teams and represent C-Town like no other sports fans in the country! Show LeBron, just like you have Modell, that your life will continue and get better, even if, in their own selfish way, they didn’t think it would.



  1. Sucks I gotta wake up to my horrible, poor person life tomorrow and not LeBron’s amazing rich, choking under pressure life in front of millions of people. The guy just continues to embarrass himself, it makes it easier to forget and get over it. I think its safe to say the city is definitely moving on, thank God it’s about time.

  2. Grow a beard for this jackass ?! Did anyone think he was really coming back not only in the way he quit on the court but the way he ripped off that jersey the final time ? And I agree with Reghi. Anything short of a title each year is an absolute failure. There is no room for progression. Time is ticking against LeSchmuck and he knows it. Even though Rome cracks on the “Please Stay LeBron” sing along, I laughed MAO especially that raspy voiced furniture salesman, Mark ! Now there is a celeb !

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