Long May You Run

By Munch

I am back at 5a Monday 7/25 and until then this is what I know will happen and what I HOPE will happen…



* NFL back to work!

* Trades and FREE AGENT signings will be the craziest you have ever seen!



* Tribe brings in bat (I’ll take arm, JAMES SHIELDS too)



* Tribe stays in first!
I feel like the Go Go’s…”VACATION IS ALL I EVER NEEDED, VACATION IS ALL I EVER WANTED…”  I also KNOW I will miss you friend and TJ (5a-6a) and TJ plus WILL (7a-9a) will KICK IT FOR YOU EACH AND EVERY DAY!

Enjoy every sandwich!





  1. Munch! Hope you are having a great, well earned vacation! We are stuck – right now as a matter of fact, listening to Aaron G. verbally assasinate our Tribe. Yes, the team that has won 4 of the last 6 and is STILL in 1st place!!! Can’t wait for you to get back… Absolutely amazing that the Tribe gets the negative treatment…still!!! Even when they were 30-15, we had to hear this and were not able to enjoy the ride!!??

    Bottom line: It HAS to be that the ONLY way the RBS thinks they can get ratings is to hang up on callers (consistently…thx Aaron), rip OSU (non freakin’ stop…thx Aaron) and above all, be negative on the Tribe whenever possible (so pathetic…thx Aaron) – even the day AFTER they won a doubleheader over the Twins??!! Oh, the humanity!!!!!

    We NEED you back with the GLASS HALF FULL, Munch!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Will you relax already !!! TB would give up Shields in that division and only 3 games out ? I like Cuddyer. We need a righty stick. He can play OF, 1B and even a little 2B. Does a good job in a lineup where he is not protected now with Morneau and Kubel out. Looking forward to a move. One guy I would part at least Alex White for is Adam Jones of Baltimore. When healthy or at least able to play cut ties with Sizemore already.

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