Good. Bad. Ugly.

By Greg Brinda

GOOD: NFL lockout to end. The Indians in a pennant race in July. Someone winning a major golf event with a smile on his face – thank you Darren Clarke. A coach taking all of the pressure off his team with a smile in a crucial situation. Yes that was the Japanese coach before the penalty kicks. Golf and more golf.

BAD: Indians hitting, Indians hitting, Indians hitting, Indians hitting

UGLY: Dorky baseball hats that MLB makes its players wear on holidays and special occasions. Like green hats the Indians and Twins wore for Earth Day that was postponed from April. Does someone have a clue at MLB as to how to market the sport? I DONT THINK SO!

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  1. This must be the 30 th post for the ESPN collection with the title “Good, Bad, Ugly”. Agree on the hats. Golf is not a sport. I would love to give you a 3 page outline as to why not.

    • Jack, It’s Brind for God’s sake – expect ZERO originality from him…EVER! He just coasts along collecting dust. See commentary below for the FACTS on Brinda – the biggest reason (outside of Aaron and/or Fedor on a negativity roll), to turn off WKNR).

  2. This article was a waste of time.

    • Listening to Brinda IS a WASTE of time….pretty much EVERY time he graces us with his bombastic appearances on the air waves…

      Needs to fade away…he is already burned out!

  3. Wow…Bacon Brinda TRYING to be funny?! As has been stated…the guy saying things are dorky is usually the biggest DORK – obviously the case here!

    Funniest thing on Bump & Run yesterday with Brinda doing his usual mop up guy/fill in thing, was when they asked about bands you had to see in the summer and someone called in with: “THE SHORT, FAT, BALD GUYS FEATURING GREG BRINDA”!!!??? lol…lol…lol…lol!!!!!!!

    When are they going to get rid of this waste of space with zero insight? How little must they pay him to justify him staying around? The way he totally rips the interns whenever he is on is laughable since he is about as useful as a totally new intern with little to no experience. The inane laughing at his own jokes, pregnant pauses and repeating himself over and over has really run its course!

    Time for Keith Williams to pull the trigger and dump the lowest common denominator on the air as he just coasts along holding back the guys like T.J. Zuppe, Dave Denatale, Will Burge and Dustin Fox(??!!)…really!!!??? Do us a favor and fade away, Brinda…sooner then later would work for most of us!

    Just the fact that you like to yell on the air that “you are not going anywhere” is reason enough to fire him – NOW! Believe me, no advertisers will complain. Nobody patronizes a business because Brinda shills for them…never have and NEVER will. Time for him to be “let go” by WKNR…AGAIN! Look it up on the WKNR wikipedia page or just plain google it.

    • Joe
      Lets hope that if KNR is ever stupid enough to pull the plug on Brinda that they dont let you pick the replacement. The names you mention wouldn’t be able to hold an audience during a PBS telethon. Perhaps your problem is you don’t like listening to someone who has forgot more sports than you will ever know.

      • Rob,
        The POINT is that pretty much ANYONE could replace the “hall of famer”!!?? That’s the whole freakin’ point…

        Explain to me why it would be “stupid” to get rid of Brinda? I am sure back in Junior High when he was your wingman – he was a lot of use to you. Maybe you knew him at Kent State? I saw his student ID in a twitter pix a few months ago and he certainly was NOT going on any dates…talk about a face for radio – over ALL these years. So now, he is a bitter TOOL that can hang up on the “losers that live in their Mom’s basement” – get some NEW material, Brinda.

        Finally, my problem is he is lazy, condescending and mean spirited to the callers and interns (the freakin’ interns??!!). Just cuz Howard Stern pulls that off, Bacon should not do it!?

  4. Lot of hate for Brinda here. Don’t really understand it, but then again I like the way he does his show. I think he’s pretty funny, and I agree with him most of the time. The reason he’s mean spirited to the callers, is because well, callers can be WRONG. And when someone calls in with a dumb opinion I’m glad to hear them get run because they should know better.

    • Hey Ben, Just KEEP “tolerating” Brinda. He is DONE & WORSE yet, he knows it! You think it’s entertaining radio that, for example, if the Cav’s get down 0-2 in a best of 7 series, that he proclaims that it is OVER and will HANG up on ANYONE who has the audacity to believe we have a chance? That’s GREAT radio, Ben!!?? Then we get to hear him repeat himself for hours making the SAME lame few points over and over with hysterical laughing at his own “wit”? The pregnant pauses alone will put you asleep – but, not him – he takes Jobees! That’s why he fell asleep in his chair (as was tweeted out with a picture from a GKB event earlier this summer!). LOL…Or maybe you find it amusing that he RIPS his own UNPAID interns, cuz back in the day, he WAS paid? Great radio there as well!

      • Man. Calm down Joe. You seem upset.

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