I Need Answers!

By Kenny Roda

How do you trade both Alex White and Drew Pomeranz and not get a middle order of the bat for a team who can’t score runs?

How do you know that Ubaldo Jimenez is a true ace, when he’s only had one very good year?

Wasn’t Fausto Carmona the ace of the Indians staff when the season started? And how many very good years has he had in the majors?

Aren’t Carmona and Jimenez the same pitcher?  Young, great stuff, friendly contracts, but scrambled eggs upstairs?

Why can’t I play 9 good holes of golf?

Are the Indians banking on Shin Soo Choo to be that bat they didn’t trade for?

Has Choo gotten over his DUI circumstance mentally? Is he scrambled eggs too, or just an omlette?

Will Grady Sizemore ever play for the Indians again?

If he does, will have more strikeouts or hits?

Why do you yell “FOUR” when you hit a bad gold shot and not “FIVE” or ELEVEN”?

When are the Browns going to get themselves a legit #1 wide receiver?

Who’s the best defensive end on the Browns? That’s a trick question, there are none!

Why is Phil Taylor holding out?  Isn’t there a rookie wage scale? Or is Taylor just afraid of scales period?

Who’s going to play corner opposite Joe Haden?

Should you ever place your franchise tag on a kicker?

Will Greg Little have more catches or parking tickets this season?

Deep down inside, do you think Peyton Hillis is worried about the “Madden Curse”?

Why is it when I drive well on the golf course I can’t putt, but when I can’t drive, my putting game is flawless?

OK I’m done for now, but I want answers, and yes, I can handle the truth!

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  1. I would have parted with White OR Pomeranz for a guy like Pence but not Melky Cabrera. I though Marlon Byrd from the Cubs would have made sense instead of Fukodome, AND could we have gotten
    Michael Bourn for less than a White and/or Pomeranz ?

  2. I have a question ? Why is a Pittsburgh guy covering the Browns ? I don’t buy the professional aspect of being able to “put it aside” yadda, yadda. There is usually a bite in your statements and there probably should be because if I was in Pitt I would. They are my least favorite team. But for someone to appoint you to the Browns is ludicrous.

  3. Ubaldo definitely has ace stuff. To even compare Carmona (who has a career ERA more than a run higher) to Ubaldo is ridiculous.

    I agree that they need to get a bat… it doesn’t even need to be a good one – just a mediocre hitter. But

  4. Here’s the deal: no matter WHAT the Tribe di or di not do, you tlking heads at WKNR would bitch and complain about it! I have never wasted my time typing truer words then that on this pathetic website.

    Here is what I do know: Jack makes a good point, but compared to Aaron, Fedor and that pompas windbag Brinda, Kenny probably does a better job – shocker there.

    Finally, outside of Munch, who encourages BOTH sides of arguments, NOBODY at WKNR belongs on the air. The on air “personalities” ramble on amongst themselves and dismiss the callers as losers, when they really need to just look in the mirror! I’m talking to you, Aaron!!!

  5. Wow guys, of you dont like WKNR then dont listen . The Tribe is trying to improve so they make a few moves and we as cleveland fans get upset…why!? Appairently upper management didnt think we could make it very faw so they trade a few.prospects and we as clevelanders get upset cause we think they’re destroying our team thats not the case move on its there job to win! People big players in any sport dont want to be in cleveland! Thats just the way the ball rolls…the browns need a big #1 WR but were not going to get him via FA itll be the draft and itll still be a good 3 to 4 seasons before we can make a legit run at any type of post season. Same with the cavs….WKNR I love listening I loke that you listen to fans the problem.is fans think they run yhere fav. Teams…..we dont!

  6. Jimenez was a great trade. Pomeranz and White would have developed into solid starters just in time for the rest of the Indians roster to be in a rebuilding phase.

    And you yell “fore,” in golf, not “four.”

  7. K (short for Kenny) – how do YOU know Drew and Alex rock out in the bigs PLUS you demanded more moves – you got one!

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