I’m All In Are YOU?

Some times as a sports fan you wonder if you’re all in with your team. For the past few years I knew I wasn’t with the Indians, as they were suffering through 90 loss seasons. Last year I could care less what they did, because, well they sucked.  Hell I even started to watch Glee instead of the Tribe games live.  Sure I’d tape the game for work purposes and then go back and fly through it to see how they lost. I was doing my job, but this year, as much as I bitch and moan about them, they’ve made my job very enjoyable. Last night the Indians were playing in Boston and I knew I’d be off today for a golf outing and really didn’t have to watch it live.  I could’ve recorded it and then went back and watched it to see what happened.  But I didn’t.  In fact I couldn’t walk away from the TV.  I wanted to watch it live.  I wanted to see if they would whoop Boston’s ass, and they did and it was very enjoyable to watch.  My point is, while I may not agree with everything they’ve done so far this year with roster moves and the whole Austin Kearns thing, they’ve got me. They’ve got me hook, line and sinker.  I’m all in with the Tribe, and it’s been a while since I felt that way.  So lets try and enjoy the last two months of a pennant race here in Cleveland for the first time in a while.  Go Tribe!



  1. Strange how there are all these Cleveland-born Steeler fans who could not find Pittsburgh on the freakin’ map but no Pirates fans ?!
    Shocking. Maybe they’re all wearing Yankees caps.

  2. NOBODY at Wknr…outside of maybe Munch would EVER post a blog like this one PRIOR to 92.3 changing to all sports! YOU gy=uys at WKNR are the ones that TEAR down our teams over & over again!!!!!!!!! Then (Brinda & Aaron) hang up on callers that dare to be confident about OUR chances, even BEFORE seasons start! It happened in spadess with the Tribe in April this year and is happening right now PRIOR to the Brown’s season…and specifically with Colt. Too little, too late WKNR!!! My guess is that you guys are going to take turns writing blogs just like this one!!!

    • Once 92.3 is up and running will your time on this site lessen? It’s become like Groundhog Day

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