Do or Die

By Kenny Roda

Huge series starts tonite between the Tribe and Tigers at Progressive Field. It could determine whether or not this fun ride the Indians have taken us on will continue, or is over.

So what are your expectations in this 3 game series?

Before you react know this – the Indians have won 11 in a row at home over Detroit. Your pitching matchups are as follows: Masterson vs Fister, Jimenez vs Porcello and Carmona vs Verlander.

So how many do the Indians win? I say they take 2 out of 3 and stay in this race for a little while longer, and who knows maybe into the month of September.

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  1. Yes, Roda, 2 of 3 is the best we should expect. Let’s face it, expecting to be Verlander is just stupid, especially with Carmona talking the hill that day. If we get the good Fausto, we could win a close 2-1 type of game. But with Masterson and Jimenez going, even with a sputtering offense, we have to find a way to get runs on the board for these guys (Tribe pitchers). Acta needs to step his game up when we get guys on base: hit-and-run, bunting, etc., so that even if we only scrounge up a few hits in a game, we can still maximize the results of timely hitting. When guys can’t bat above .270, they need to be hitting guys in when they do. Overall, we need to take 4 of 6 in these two series or the “ride” will be officially over.

  2. Ken we dont agree on much but I think your right on with your call. Lets Go Tribe!

  3. Kenny – I would take 2-3. Inch closer and avoid those demoralizing “should have won games”. Pen needs to rebound. We can take 1 or two guys sliding in the pen but the whole pen has slid lately. Make it our strong point again. Laporta is frustrating me. Pretty much think we should just keep Santana at 1B.

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