The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Munch

Fun times for Browns fans last night at the stadium and PLEASE…again, PLEASE, for your sake and not mine, do not COMPARE COLT’S FIRST GAME TO JAKE’S first game as a Brown. Delhomme was clearly on his way OUT as an NFL QB while Colt’s future is so bright we need shades! My GOD, people cannot see that?!

OK class, here we go…

* COLT McCOY is accurate!

* COLT McCOY has touch!

* COLY McCOY is NOT the 2nd coming of Len Dawson (YET!) but runs the PAP (play action pass) perfectly! Dawson totally stymied the Vikings to win a Super Bowl uising PAP!

* COPLT McCOY can throw a 35 yard pass effortlessly. No problem with arm strength.

* JOSH CRIBBS is NOT some guy going out and catching passes! He is becoming a WR! LOVE IT!

* D’QWELL JACKSON LOVES playing football!

* MIKE ADAMS is a VALUABLE member of this team!

* SHELDON BROWN feeling heat also aamd

There is alway more, so take a recess break and I’ll be back for 2nd period!

Enjoy every sandwich.



  1. As usual, Munch has OUR back and is right on the money! Funny thing is, that the ONLY place any of us heard that ridiculous comparison to Jake Delhomme’s pre-season performance last year, was from WKNR. Chris Fedor brought that up, now doing his FULL on rendition of Aaron Goldweasel…too funny.

    Just like complaining about the Dolans and numerous other topics, WKNR brings them up, stirs the pot and waits for fans and listeners to REACT! We are done with that! Mix in the rudeness, attitude and a punk ass from Denver that we now know got swirlied AND pantsed in high school (explains some of the bitterness & power trip to hang up on everybody) and what you get is a station that better find a new way to keep listeners now that they won’t be the only game in town…anyone getting it yet? Get to work, Gibbs…good luck! M-F 9am – 6pn needs retooled!!!

  2. Christ on a pony, can you EVER comment on the actual blog rather than spew your same take time after time? Yes, Goldhammer sucks, Fedor is P. Brwon Jr at times, Brinda eats bacon, yada yada yada.

    McCoy looked sharp on Sat. My concern and we saw it at the end of the season, can he throw as efficiently in the cold,bad weather? Hopefully the new O will help him out in this area.

    Still not sold on Cribbs as a full time WR but his “push off” was a vet move for the TD.

    D Jackson loves playing football? Can he translate that into good productuion and staying off the IR.

  3. Sorry Scott….some of those guys just REALLY get under my skin!

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