Manny has slapped the fans in the face…

By Munch

I have to start out with a LIFE IS GOOD, SMILE, but after exchanging emails with Sheldon Ocker of the Akron Beacon Journal I have to state the following: I AM LIVID AND RIGHT NOW, MANNY ACTA’S JOB SHOULD BE IN JEOPARDY!  WHY?  Manny has slapped the fans of Cleveland in the face by not only having Luis Valbuena called up from C Bus but more so, BY STARTING HIM LAST NIGHT IN A GAME AGAINST A TEAM 1 1/2 games in front of his (OUR) CLUB and in a play off race!  (BTW – Sheldon agrees with me on Luis.  I have not addressed the Acta issue with him!)

Valbuena was 0-3 and is hitting .120!  ONE FREAKING TWENTY!  NO JASON DONALD?  Give me PHELPS, give me GOEDERT but HOW DARE THE INDIANS bring up valbuena.  MARK MY WORDS, and PLEASE, let me be wrong…the Indians may NOT win a game he starts!  He exudes defeat!

I usually get roasted for being RAH RAH GO TRIBE, GO C TOWN…you know the drill, but this “ain’t no disco, ain’t no party, ain’t no fooling around…”!!  PLEASE, get valbuena back to the CLIPPERS WHERE HE BELONGS…NOW!



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  1. Valbuena would not even be considered if Phelps hadn’t butchered his opportunity. Now look at what they have in Columbus. Yeccch.
    Jubaldo looks more lost than Carmona ever did in his 3 outings and that is not good. Not optimistic at all. Why did we not attempt to get a Marlon Byrd to balance this sickening glut of lefties ?

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