Observing The Browns

By Kenny Roda

Colt McCoy looks very comfortable running Pat Shurmur’s version of the West Coast offense.  He’s been outstanding so far in the two preseason games, spreading the ball around to his wide receivers, tight ends and running backs. He’s also been making the right reads.

I know Eric Steinbach missed the Lions game, but McCoy took way too many hits in the 30-28 loss.  If he gets hit that much on a game-to-game basis, he won’t make it through half the season.

The running back position took a hit on Friday night when Brandon Jackson went down with turf toe.  Hopefully it’s not serious, but that’s an injury that tends to linger unless you just rest it. If that’s the case, that means Montario Hardesty better be ready soon to back up Peyton Hillis, who didn’t play Friday night because of a hamstring injury.

Brian Robiskie’s days are numbered as the #1 or the #2 or the #3 or even the #4 wide receiver on this team.  Greg Little and Jordan Norwood are making their case to Pat Shurmur that they should be on the field. Plus, when Mo Massaquoi comes back from injury and Josh Cribbs continues to get better at the position, Robo’s days may be numbered.

I wanted to see what rookie defensive end Jabaal Sheard would do against the run on Friday night against the Lions. He responded with a tackle for a loss, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery.  Not bad!  Still a long way to go, but all were good signs.

The other rookie defensive lineman everyone is watching, Phil Taylor is the “Ying” to Sheard’s “Yang”. He’s been pretty good against the run, but hasn’t done much at all, with the exception of one holding call, against the pass.  He better improve that or he could be a 1st and 2nd down player only in Dick Jauron’s 4-3 defense.

The Browns depth right now is not good at all, anywhere. This could be a major setback for this team as the season progresses, as injuries are a part of every team’s season.



  1. Just FYI: It’s ‘Yin’ not ‘Ying’. Yin-Yang. Other than that, not bad.

  2. I know they have a philosophy to build through the draft but the also have $ 33M to spend and they have gaps at WR, LB, DB and OL for a veteran. If Pashos goes down you have Lauvao who was injured all of last year and will rely on Greco, Braxton and Pinkston ? They all looked decent against second teamers but when the bullets fly you may want to ease them in rather than put them in a total fire. LB is woefully thin.

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