High School Hysteria


1. St Eds (All 8 1st place votes)
2. Mentor
3. Glenville
4. Solon
5. St Iggy
6. Aurora
7. Avon
8. Avon lake
9. North Royalton
10 .Madison

Others receiving votes: Chagrin Falls, Maple Heights, Perry, Brush, Strongsville, Eastlake North

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  1. So, Austintown Fitch makes #93 in the Nation at Rivals.com but doesn’t even get top 15 on this poll?

  2. My bad…I assume this is just Cleveland area schools

  3. Do you really get paid for these picks. Must be tough picking 2 schools that recruit, one that steals all the good players in the city, and the other 2 top 5 that are the bigger districts in the area. My grandmother could have made those picks. It amazes me how overpaid some people are while so many others struggle.

    • First of all this post shows your limited understanding of the subject matter. First Ignatius has never lost to a private school in post season play. Second, Ignatius does not give athletic scholarships. Third if Ignatius, St Edward, St Xavier, etc recruit why don’t they have the best talent year after year? St Ignatius did not win every state title because it had more or better talent than their opponents. Take a look back to 2001 and who they had to play and beat to win a state title. Not many would argue they had more or better talent than Massillon or Warren Harding.
      Fourth this is a snapshot of one area of the state. This would not be so easy if it were expanded to the whole state. Where would teams like Colerain, Hilliard Davidson, Pickerington Central, Middletown, Centerville, etc. fall?

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