The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Munch

I received the news today around 2p after having a salad at Panini’s Westlake (no Rizzi, gotta shed dome lbs.!) that dear friend and Brother, JIMMY D’AMATO had a heart attack Saturday evening.  My first thoughts were “what may I do to help, where is he so I may visit and I gotta call his Bro Mike to check on him.  Word moved quickly through the HS Coaching and sports community, as JIIMMY was the ref you wanted in big games.  He had the lines too when coaches were calling out his family and lineage!!  Classics include telling a SWC Coach with the Pat Riley look that “his hair was awful” to asking coaches “why did you change DEFENSES, that was a bad move!”

Jimmy WAS called HOME last night at the age of 54.  It is never TOO EARLY OR TOO LATE when God wants you on HIS team.  I just saw him Thursday, and had a chance to exchange MORE HS SPORTS stories with him.

Remember this, IF GOD WANTS A CHARGING FOUL, HE better have HIS feet played below a cloud!  I am certain, even though JIMMY D is in his GLORY that he also tried to “T” up GOD when he got to HEAVEN saying, “It’s not my time!”

I miss ya’ JIMMY.

Now you know why I say, “Enjoy every sandwich.”  I GUARANTEE YOU JIMMY did!


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