The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Munch


* Joe Bauserman is much more athletic than Todd Boeckman and would be a better QB if he gets the chance to be starter.  WHY? HOW? If you watch him he has better command and control of the offense than Todd and YES, TODD WAS ALL BIG TEN but much more is the fact that Joe also has a LIVELY ARM!  Why compare them?  Both in their mid ’20’s and BOTH have been (were) around program quite a while!

* LOVE BRAXTON MILLER but he did get “spoken to” on the one TD pass between 2 defenders!  I LOVED IT and so did coaches BUT risky business with that pass, especially in end zone!

* How refreshing is it to hear that Braxton feels MORE COMFORTABLE under center!

* This is a GREAT “problem” to have!  The “VET” and young “ROOK” each bring something different to the table!


* Concerning the WR position I look at who Donovan McNabb had in Philly for years  (MINUS TO) and Brady in NE BUT right now COLT is NOT either of these guys.  Still, right now the BACK UPS AT RB CONCERN me!  That can be erased IF Hardesty is truly healthy.  Many do not think he is healthy!


* Tall order for short guys department but for me to say “we are right there” the Indians MUST sweep the Tigers! If not, team still has a shot BUT TRIBE’S DESTINY IS NOT IN THEIR HANDS!

HS Football


* Records are records but when I see PADUA, STRONGSVILLE and EUCLID at 0-2 it really breaks my heart!

* It is WONDERFUL to see LORAIN and ELYRIA winning games and both standing at 2-0!  Now, LAKEWOOD needs to get “it” back!

Enjoy every sandwich!


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