A Shocking Weekend

By Kenny Roda

I was shocked:

Luke Fickell didn’t play QB Braxton Miller at all in the 27-22 win over Toledo.

Rod Smith was in the game late instead of Carlos Hyde to run out he clock and then fumbled the ball giving the Rockets one last chance at the huge upset. That’s 2 fumbles in 2 weeks for Smith.

Toledo had a chance to win the game in the 4th quarter against the Buckeyes with the ball on the O.S.U. 16 with inside a minute to go.

That the Browns lost to the lowly Bengals, at home, 27-17.

Like the whole Browns defense was, on that Bruce Gradkowski touchdown pass to rookie wide receiver A.J. Green. I’m still not sure what happened or who’s fault it was.

T.J. Ward got beat on a touchdown pass in the 1st quarter and gave up the touchdown run to Ced Benson in the 4th quarter.

That the Browns had more penalty yards than total offense in the first quarter against the Bengals.

That Mo Massaquoi played as well as he did after missing basically all of training camp and the preseason games.

That the Browns are now 1-12 since 1999 in season openers.

That the Ravens manhandled the Steelers 35-7. I thought the Ravens would win, but that it would be close. They opened up a can of “Woooop Ass” on Pittsburgh!

That Cam Newton threw for 422 yards and accounted for 3 TD’s in his NFL debut, a 28-21 loss to the Cardinals.

That Buffalo spanked the Chiefs 41-7.

That Da Bears crushed Da Falcons 30-12.

That I actually watched the entire Notre Dame/Michigan game and am glad I did. What a game, an “Instant Classic” won by the Wolverines.

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  1. Im Shocked i thought the Browns would do well this season. they are now joining the tribe on my Boycott of Cleveland Sports incompentence. until they start doing things to actually make this team better im finished. will be watching who ever is whoopen up on the steelers from now on this season unless they are playing the browns then ill just watch the NFC

  2. I am shocked that our coach has that dear in the headlights look on his face already. I am shocked that the front office refuses to see that we have no legitimate WR’s.I am shocked that we are favored to beat any team period. I am shocked that I am checking out who we can draft in the first round in 2012 already.

  3. Yea, wish I could have seen some Cleveland-born, front-running Steeler fan slugs oozing through the streets of Cleveland but they somehow were not visible. I hope word travels fast to boycott havens for these slimeballs. They have no family in Pittspuke or anything really to do with them but they back OSU, the Tribe and the Cavs. Just leave the city. Cleveland fans, don’t give them the time of day ! Anytime there is Steeler stuff at Giant Eagle, I HIDE IT !!

    • who lets the junior high kids on this…you know, the ones that call Pittsburg “pittspuke”….pretty juvenile stuff.


  5. I am stunned how bad the Browns looked and most has to go on the coaches…. I was not a fan of Mangini getting canned and now I am even more mad about it… We played the easiest team we will get all year at home with thier rookie and 3rd string QB and still lost?

  6. If the Browns start the year 0-2, instead of “stay thirsty my friends” with a dos equis, they might as well continue to “stay winless my friends” and go ahead and get andrew luck and FINALLY ditch that whole scouting department. There are some VERY bad teams this year and after yesterday’s performance they’re better off continuing to be the worst.

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