Rockets Blasted Off But Fell Short of Target

By Munch

Going into the OSU – Toledo game I truly expected OHIO STATE to coast by at least 3 touchdowns!  YES, I was wrong and KUDOS to Coach TIM BECKMAN and his Rockets.  Tim stressed to his team all week long to BE THERE IN THE 4th QUARTER!  Well, they were there!

With the ease of the Buckeyes first drive, I felt for sure the romp was on but the EMOTION OF THE BLOCKED PUNT CHANGED THE LANDSCAPE OF THE GAME!  It was Toledo PUNCHING OSU and saying, WOW, they DO BLEED!

After two games, do we know now who Jim Bollman really is and do we know who Joe Bauserman really is?  I know JIM, the “O” coordinator has been given the mandate by Coach Luke to “break the mold and rock n roll.”  He rocked and reeled instead and Joe missed some wide-open guys.  It was not even the Toledo talent – he MISSED open men.  OUCH!

One note on the defensive side:  BUCKS knew who to stop- Thomas the RB and they did…14 carries for 47 yards for a 3.4 average BUT they also knew to stop the WR page and COULD NOT!  The young man is good, but very good BUT 12 catches, YES 12 catches for 145 yards (12.1 avg) and 2 TD’s is sick…and made OSU sicker!

Is BRAXTON MILLER really NOT READY to play?  Gotta have him vs the U and I feel he will be worked in.  Many are saying to RED SHIRT him!  WHY, HOW, with Graham and Guyton as the back ups, and I will tell you this, YOU WILL NEED A BACK UP!

Enjoy every sandwich.


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