Make the Switch

By Kenny Roda

I can honestly say that was the worst quarterbacking display I have ever witnessed at Ohio State. Joe Bauserman and Braxton Miller combined to go 4 of 18 for 35 yards with no touchdowns and 1 pick. Plus Miller put the ball on the turf at least twice losing one fumble.  Neither QB led the team on a touchdown drive as the offense could only muster two Drew Basil field goals.  It was a pathetic performance and one that will have to get much better, regardless of who ends ups starting, if they are going to have a successful season by Ohio State’s standards.  But maybe that’s not the most important thing to consider.

If I were Luke Fickell what would I do?  I would realize that while Bauserman may offer you a little bit more experience, he’s not the future, and frankly, he sure didn’t look like the present either.  With that in mind, it’s time to turn things over to Braxton Miller.  Give him the majority of snaps in practice. Make him your starter. While it may cost you a game or two this year, and maybe even your job, and lets be honest, the chances of you keeping that job are slim now anyway, it has to be done. It must be done for the betterment of this team moving forward this year and beyond.  Jim Tressel fell on the sword for the University; you may have to take one for the team as well Luke.

As much as most Ohio State fans, players, coaches and front office types don’t want to hear it, this is a throw away season. From all of the suspensions, to new allegations, old allegations, awaiting your NCAA sentencing, this is one season where you can afford to play the youth of Braxton Miller and not be concerned about the mistakes he makes. Why? Because you’re using the rest of this season to develop him, so that over the next three years he reaches his potential.  If that potential is reached, it will have been worth it in the long run for the Buckeyes, and hopefully it starts to turn this storied program back around and moves it in the right direction with whoever the next coach is.

It’s corny. It’s a cliché. It’s a slogan, but it’s true. It’s “Miller Time” in Columbus. For the football team. For the fans tailgating. For everyone!

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1 Comment

  1. This is a no brainer Kenny, has anyone (other than Luke Fickle evidently) seen anything from Bauserman (not counting Akron who was 1-11 last year) that would merit another start???? It’s not even a question. Fickle is done, but at least we have those 3 timeouts for next week’s game…oh, wait – they don’t carry over?!?!?!

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