The Best Eleven

By Emmett Golden

There was a theme to the media’s weekly meeting with coach Luke Fickell. On more then one occasion coach Fickell stated, “It’s my job to get the best eleven players on the field.” That should have been the focus from day one. Whether it’s the quarterback position or the placekicker, a coach’s job is to put the best team he can put on the field. That is easier said then done, of course.

For Fickell, unexpectedly losing his best player to the NFL was a bad way to start his job as head coach. Having four other players suspended for the first five games hurt even more. The final blow came just before the first game, when Fickell learned three more players would miss time. In a short period of time Luke Fickell has learned that being a head coach at a big time university can be brutal.

It is no secret that the quarterback position for the Buckeyes has been a mess.  No one knows how much either Joe Bauserman or Braxton Miller will play. I believe that will change this week. If coach Fickell puts the “best eleven” on the field, then Braxton Miller will start on Saturday against the Colorado Buffaloes. Miller should not only start, but he should play the entire game.

If coach Fickell puts the “best eleven” on the field, then running back Jordan Hall will start on Saturday. When Hall returned from his two-game suspension last week he proved he should be the feature back. Carlos Hyde has done a great job at running back in the first two weeks. He should be part of the rotation, but there is no question that Hall is the guy.

Coach Fickell has had many critics this season. By committing to Miller and Hall as the starters at quarterback and running back will get some of the critics off his back. The Ohio State football team and its fans are in a very unfamiliar place. That place is uncertainty. Playing the “best eleven” will be the beginning of stability this program is looking for.

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  1. good read emmett

    • Thanks Greg!

  2. Pull out all stops. Might like to see Shazier play more too. I remember Rolle being a special teams terror before getting his chance. Hall really impressed me. Low center of gravity, quick to hit holes and bounce off. His returning was A-1. Need blue chip recruits for OL !!
    Christian Bryant should play as well.

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