Arch Griffin wore #45, NOT CLEVELAND!

By Munch

Just what C Town needed. TSN (The Sporting News) has come out with ratings of sports cities and Cleveland checks in at #45 – FORTY FIVE! I do not begrudge others ahead of Cleveland IF THEY DESERVE IT, BUT with categories including: won-lost records, post season appearances, applicable power rankings, # of teams and attendance, I MUST ASK how in tarnation does Jacksonville, Montreal, Buffalo, Portland and San Antonio rank ahead of CLEVELAND?! LORDY HAVE MERCY, C Bus is #36 and CINCI is #21!

This one troubles me and I see why TSN is truly a “Baseball Mag”.  Passion?  Where is that weighed?  Browns crowds through mediocrity at best?  Perhaps TSN neglected to look at that fact!  I understand some of this IS ON the teams for failure to win, BUT RIGHT IS RIGHT and the poll is wrong!  Remember, TSN also picked McGovern then Dukakis to win.



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