Browns Bye Week Blues

Before the season started, if you would have told Browns fans that heading into the bye week the Browns would be 2-2, I think most Browns fans would have taken that and been happy.  But why then does it feel like, even though they are 2-2, the team is 1-3 or 0-4 heading into the bye week? Is there good reason to feel that way, or is it just an overreaction to the can of “whoop ass” the Titans opened up on the Browns this past Sunday?  The answer may be a little of both!

After getting caught with their pants down for one play in the home opener loss to the Bengals, the Browns rebounded nicely with a Peyton-themed win at Indianapolis. The Colts played without Peyton Manning, while the Browns rode Peyton Hillis to a 27-19 victory.  Then the following week, looking dead and buried for 57 minutes, Colt McCoy led a comeback and registered his first ever  4th quarter comeback in the 17-16 win over Miami at Cleveland Browns stadium.  They did that without Peyton Hillis, who sat out the Dolphins game with strep throat. That’s when all the craziness started to happen.

Was Hillis really sick? His agent said he advised Hillis not to play.  Did he use the illness as an excuse because of his contract status? Some teammates think he did.  The coach feels he didn’t, sort of.  Hillis hasn’t received a contract extension like teammates Evan Moore, Joe Thomas, and Chris Gocong have. Montario Hardesty, who filled in for Hillis in the Miami win, had a decent game and didn’t get hurt. So put this all together and we have conspiracy theories and a team controversy.

Oh yeah, after dealing with all of that, the Browns had to go out and play Tennessee at home.  They did, and got their butts kicked 31-13.  In that loss Peyton Hillis, who returned to start from that illness, had his workload reduced. He only carried 10 times for 46 yards. Hardesty, an unproven draft pick of Tom Heckert, saw his work load increase, but did not play well as he dropped 4 passes in the loss.

So lets put this all together to try and understand maybe why Browns fan is freaking out right now.  A running back controversy, barely average QB play from Colt McCoy (another story for another day), 2 home losses (both embarrassing for different reasons), a first year head coach who looks like he’s in over his head so far and a 2-2 record.

The question here is should the fans be this upset with what’s gone on in the first four weeks of the season?  Some of it, the off the field stuff, yes. But maybe, just as former Cardinals coach Dennis Green so appropriately stated, “They are who we thought they were.” So, instead of being down in the dumps with the “Bye Week Blues,” Browns fans should be happy that their team is .500, and hope and pray by seasons end that they can end up with a .500 record. And how many of you Browns fans would’ve happily signed up at the beginning of the season, for a Browns team that posted an 8-8 record in 2011?

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  1. maybe so, but the browns have one of the easiest schedules ewin the nfl…we should be 4-0 right now, not 2-2 with 2 home losses to less than average teams, and as far as the peyton hillis controversy, if they do not extend his contract as they did with cribbs last year, there going to lose a lot of fans

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