High School Hysteria Power Poll

Poll notes:
-This was the largest gap EVER between 1st (Mentor) and 2nd (Eds) team in the poll since we started doing it
-Mentor has beaten 3 teams in the top 10 and they are the only loss for all three of those teams
-Mentor is ranked 39th in the country Eds is 45th and Solon is 90th (Rivals.com)
-Ranked matchups still on the schedule: #2 Eds v #3 Iggy (week 10), #7 Avon v #9 Lake Catholic (week 10), #4 Maple Hts v (ARV) Cleve Hts (week 10)

TEAM                    REC                       Prev                       1st
1. Mentor               7-0                            2                          8
2. St. Eds              6-1                            1
3. St. Iggy              6-1                            4
4. Maple Hts          7-0                            5
5.St V St M           7-0                            6
6. Solon                6-1                            3
7.Avon                   7-0                            7
8.Chagrin Falls       7-0                            9
9. Lake Catholic     6-1                            8
10. Wadsworth       7-0                           10

Out: -NA-

ARV: Kirtland, Cleveland Hts


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