Holmgren A Day Late, But Delivers Some Answers

By: Kenny Roda

It took Mike Holmgren and the Browns PR staff a little while to figure out the importance of the team President speaking to the Cleveland media, but once they realized how poorly they both had handled the situation, they brought “The Big Show” out yesterday to address you the fans, through us the media. It was an absolute necessity, and the right thing to do. It’s PR 101, put out the fire before it turns into a blaze!

Browns President Mike Holmgren

I’ve accepted Randy Lerner for the owner that he is. A guy who doesn’t like talking to the media, and thus hired someone to run the team and handle those media obligations. Lerner writes the checks, while Mike Holmgren is supposed to run the team, and be the face and voice of the team, when necessary.  That’s why Browns fans were angered with Holmgren when he chose to speak first about his current team to the media in Seattle, instead of to the media here in C’Town.  It may not seem like a big deal outside of Cleveland, but to diehard Browns fans, it was and rightly so.

When you have questions about your team, and there are distractions going on, along with a losing record, with a first year head coach, you want the stabilizing force, the person who’s been through it before, the person you believe in, to explain to you what’s happening and calm everything down.  That’s where Holmgren dropped the ball. Whether he wants to or not. Whether he thinks its ridiculous doesn’t matter. This isn’t Seattle; it’s Cleveland, where the fans care more!  They should always be first on his list. Basically he works for them now, and they should come before anyone else, regardless of the relationships you may have built elsewhere. Hopefully Mike understands that now.

We’re not asking for “The Big Show” to hold a press conference every week. But when you have a contract situation that becomes a major distraction.  When there are trade rumors. When you have three different players question their roles on offense under a first year head coach, who also happens to be doubling as the teams offensive coordinator.  When you have lost games in the fashion in which you have, with a young quarterback who may or may not be the answer to your future, that’s when you need to realize it’s time to step in and provide answers for all of these situations.

It was a day late, but Mike Holmgren did that on Thursday. He did his job. He provided detailed answers that I’m sure made Browns fans feel better about the team they live and die for, not just on Sundays, but ever day.  He told them the Browns had offered Peyton Hillis a contract extension and that Hillis and his agent turned it down. He said there was no way he was going to trade Hillis, regardless of his contract status, because he’s one of the best players on the team.  He told the Cleveland fans that “He’s All In” in trying to build a championship team here. That “I signed up to do something and that’s what I plan to do!” He also said that he might even stay here longer than his 5-year contract. He addressed the quarterback situation saying, “You have to find a QB that can get you there, that’s a big as anything.” And as to whether or not Colt McCoy is that guy, “Lets let him play and see how he performs and then we’ll evaluate him. I’m not opposed to making changes every year.”  He still feels that Pat Shurmur is the head coach that can lead this team and that he’s doing a good job.

By doing all of that on Thursday, Mike Holmgren helped put an end to the soap opera that was causing the ‘unnecessary distractions’ that he so strongly detests, because as Mike put it, “It cause us to be less than our best.” Well Mike, you were less than your best in how you handled all of this, but at least you rectified it quickly.  Next time consider where you are now, and not where you’ve been, before you speak publicly about your team. I’m going to turn good ole Sam Wyche’s phrase around a little bit for you Mike, remember, “You don’t live in Seattle, you live in Cleveland!”



  1. The Press will run him out of town – it’s you guys crying like bitches not the fans

  2. And the fans as well cry like little B****……………Roda, i’m TellItAllTerry & i feel that Colt needs to get a little verbal with his line and Pat needs 2 alittle better play calling

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