Buckeyes Look To Regain Lost Respect

By: Emmett Golden

This Saturday’s game in Columbus against Wisconsin is a big one for the Buckeyes. It may be the biggest game of the season, even bigger than taking the trip up north at the end of the year.

This is an opportunity for Ohio State to regain it’s on field respectability.

Buckeyes Running Back Dan Herron

The Badgers come in licking their wounds after dropping a heart breaker to Michigan State. Many people (including myself) thought that Wisconsin would walk away with the Big Ten title this year.

After seeing them play MSU they don’t look as unbeatable as they did earlier this season.

I will say that no matter what Wisconsin will come to play. OSU head coach Luke Fickell feels the same way. “Just like any good program, good team, sometimes that wake up call burns that fire in your belly a little bit more,” Fickell said..

If the Buckeyes plan on beating the Badgers they will have to do it on the defensive side of the ball. With defense being coach Fickell’s strength you can bet he will/has studied the MSU vs. Wisconsin game film. On that film he will see the Badgers struggle with rush of MSU.

If the Buckeyes will have any chance of beating Wisconsin the cast of Sweat, Simon, Klein, and Howard will have to play the games of their college career.

The offensive side of the ball is a different story. They have to protect the ball and feed Dan Herron. Getting the senior running back going is the best and safest way for the Buckeyes to control the ball game.

If OSU can win Saturday night in front of a national audience that will help make the Buckeyes relevant again for their play on the field. It will help people move on from all the suspension talk, all the who will be the coach next year columns.

With their bowl game eligibility in the air, winning on Saturday will be just like winning a BCS bowl. Remember the players are kids. They haven’t had a chance to be “kids” all year.

So turn on the lights, tee up the ball and LET THEM PLAY!


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  1. Need to be able to throw at least a little. Defense cannot be on the field the whole game. Block O has to shine ! Use Stoneburner more !

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