By Mark “Munch” Bishop

Sports are steeped in tradition, similar to a tea bag in a steaming mug of hot H2O on a cold, north Coast winter day, and with HS Football coming to a close for some and the second season beginning for others, I treasure traditions of many schools…

* The BENEDICTINE BENGALS heading to Luke Easter Park to practice and of course, a prayer at the Grotto…

* Padua students, parents and alums pointing to the school during the Alma mater no matter where they are playing…

* O Falls players walking two by two, hand in hand, as they come out for pre game warm ups…

* St. Ignatius students chanting ” WE WANT THE WILDCATS” as their team rocks the gridiron.

* The AVON LAKE BAND and their “injury be darned attitude” as the trombones swing back and forth wildly…

* EasTech coaches shouting, “Am I my Brothers Keeper” during warm ups and the players responding in unison “YES I AM!”…

ESPN Cleveland’s feature game of the week FRIDAY (10/28) is the battle of the Heights…Cleveland vs. Maple and there is little doubt “Maple dropped dome unfairly” a few years ago after the Tigers prevailed.  NOT SURE HOW A STUDENT COULD BE INELIGIBLE when the attended C Hts 3 months the previous Spring.  Sadly, the OHSAA echoes the NCAA at times.

I will stop there for now, BUT PLEASE…get out, see a game or two this weekend as the regular season comes to a close and support the young men playing, the bands, the flag corps, the cheer leaders and the coaches who make it all happen!


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