High School Playoffs: An Escape

By: Kenny Roda

If you’re tired of wasting you’re money and time watching the crappy Browns, then do yourself a favor and go out this Friday or Saturday night and watch some high school football playoff action.  Kids playing at a high level, for the love of the game.

There are some great second round match ups all over the state.  The “Holy War” – Part 2, as defending division 1 state champ, St. Ed’s looks to avenge that earlier season loss to 10-time state champs St. Ignatius.

How about the rematch in division 1 between #1 ranked Mentor and 5th ranked Solon?  The Comets hoping for a little payback.

Hudson taking on one of the areas top rushers in Jack Snowball and the Wadsworth Grizzlies.  Those are just three of the many great games that will take place on high school fields this coming weekend.  For some kids, it will be the last football game they ever play in.  For others, a chance to chase that dream of a state title.

The purity of high school football during playoff time is a thing of beauty.

Emotions will be flying high and low with 16, 17 and 18 year old kids who have been working hard, sweating and bleeding since the hot 2-a-days of summer practice, and all for the love of the game.

So quit wasting your Sunday afternoons and take a break from that horrific offense of the Cleveland Browns. Go enjoy some entertaining football for a change, as teenagers play their hearts out on the high school gridiron for the right to see their name in the paper, hear the name announced over the PA system, get a kiss from their girlfriend after the game and live to play another week, as they chase that dream of being state champs!

It sure as hell is a lot more fun than watching the Cleveland Browns play!


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