Contact ESPN Cleveland

ESPN 850 WKNR and Cleveland’s AM 1540 KNR2
1301 E. 9th St. Suite 252
Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone: 216-583-9901
Fax: 216-583-9550
Call-In Number: 216-578-0850
Craig Karmazin

General Manager/Vice President
Keith Williams

Station Manager/Vice President/Sales Information
Sam Pines

Assistant Program Director
Jason Gibbs

Marketing Manager
Emily Dillinger

Production Director
Steve Dole

On-Air Talent
Mark “Munch” Bishop

Greg Brinda

Colin Cowherd

Chris Fedor

Aaron Goldhammer

Mike and Mike

Michael Reghi –

Tony Rizzo

Kenny Roda

Jim Rome

Jordan Sherwood

T.J. Zuppe



  1. Dear Mr. Roda:
    I don’t know of anyone more apt to consider this seriously.

    I would like to propose this suggestion. When the goof who took his talents
    elsewhere returns to the Q, I wonder if the management at the Q would allow
    those with seats near the scorer’s table to bring in those little battery
    operated fans (or in my dream world, even supply them)? When _______ throws his
    powder in the air they could blow it back all over him. It would be very “cute”
    to see him covered with white powder. If that fails, perhaps, those in the area
    could throw up their own powder to make his lose a little of it’s relevance or
    luster. Please let me know what you gentlemen think or if you approve maybe
    spread the word! Thanks so much and keep up the good work.
    John from Brunswick

  2. Concerning Jim Rhome,
    I will listen to the Cleveland jocks, as I will admit to being a Cleveland “homer” when it comes to supporting our local sports. I’m proud to be a Clevelander, and I always will be!
    I won’t listen to a jock sniffing talentless national personality, that jumps on the negative frontrunning bandwagon, by suporting Le*^^*&*;s twitter remarks, after the Lakers debacle, for ratings.
    You probably will get more ratings, but I won’t listen until after 3:00.
    By the way, I’ve never heard a more lame interviewer in my life. Talk about inane and obvious! This jerk doesn’t even ask questions!
    thanks, Steve

  3. Craig,

    I don’t know whats going on at that station, but it is continually getting worse. I used to be a loyal listener, from the Big Kahuna to Brinda and on to the Really Big Show, but I can’t bear to put myself thru it anymore. While Tony Rizzo is a superb host and personality. The other people you have on that show just simply ruin the entire experience. I don’t know why you continue to let goldhammer on the air, he adds and offers absolutely nothing.
    Not to mention I thought it was a “Sports” talk station, not get the skank sabrina a date station. Hell, from my understanding she makes her way around pretty good, but thats neither here nor there. She, like goldhammer, offers nothing to the show, and drive more and more people away. Fedor can at least back up his statements. Those two just hang up on callers. goldhammer even one time criticized a caller for mispronouncing a word, hanging up on him, only to follow it up by doing the same exact thing. I’ve gotten completely sick and tired of listening to his non-professionalism in my mornings.

    Thus I have taken my listening talents to 970 in the mornings. At least they are professional, and have that extra hour of Mike and Mike.Also look for the Boycott KNR Sponsors on facebook.

  4. Moving Jim Rome to the other station for even an hour sucks, the first hour sets up the whole show, and 1540 is weak.

  5. Seriously,
    Who’s idea was this? An extra hour of “The Really Bad Show” with Roda and Goldheimer instead of Rome?
    As they say C’mon Man!

    • Sorry, Kenny Roda. I meant Rizzo and Goldheimer in the post above

    • I agree with Steve Kurt. Sure hope you bring Jim Rome back at noon! Can’t bare to listen to another hour of yelling and arguing…and Tony Rizzo constantly interrupting his sidekicks. I now turn the radio off at noon. I need to turn it off at 9:00 AM, too.

  6. Gregg, the other day you and Hammer were having a debete over Sudden Sam and CC. I agree with you that Mc Dowell was a better pitcher. Hammers arugment was that CC is better since he had to face a tougher line up which included the DH. Doesn t Hammer understand that back in 69 there were only 24 teams in the major leagues, and that the talent level has been water down with expandsion. You can t tell these young kids anything any more they know everything. Tom

  7. I cant belive That espn pulled Hank Williams Jr off the air. He didn’t say this At a Football Game. Who cares If it was Bush nobody would of done anything!! I think Obama is the Antichrist…I think we should pull Obama out of the white house……Way to to go ESPN

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