A Letter From Santa

By: Kenny Roda

With all the troubles Cleveland sports teams are having, the Cavs losing LeBron and now losing games left and right, the Indians biggest news in the off season is turning Progressive Field into a sled riding venue instead of signing players that can help them win baseball games. And the Browns are improving, but still have a losing record. I figured what the heck; I’ll write Santa Clause a letter and ask him for just one winner in Cleveland. Well he wrote me back and it caps off a perfect way to end a crappy sports year here in Cleveland, Ohio. Take a look……

A letter from Santa:

You think you got it bad? All nite long, soot in the chimneys, smelly socks, mistaken for a stork, driving all nite in the snow, damn near got killed by a 747 and Mrs. Clause is ticked off ’cause I got in late! Also, Donner & Blitzen got the runs over Ohio and you should see my suit. The damn elves won’t clean the sleigh unless I pay them overtime. I’m so sick of cookies and milk I could vomit. The only highball I had recently is when I slipped getting out of the sleigh. My prostate is giving me hell, pissed my pants at 20,000 feet and froze to the seat. I think my hemmroids are back and I’m allergic to pine needles. So deal with it in Cleveland!

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Fricken Christmas, Santa

While Santa may not have your backs here in Cleveland, we do at ESPN 850 WKNR. Here’s hoping 2011 will be a better year for Cleveland sports and the fans who continue to support their teams and our station!

Happy Holidays! – Kenny “The Roadman” Roda


Will Burge’s “Return of LeBron” Video Blog Part 1-7

I sat down last night and began to write my “As the association turns…” blog. Obviously, the blog was to be enitrely about the return of LeBron. I was about three paragraphs in when I realized, I cannot express in words what I will see today. I honestly don’t know what I will see today. It struck me that you, the fan, will only see a watered down, edited version of the day. Not any more! You now have a first class ticket into our station, at our Hard Rock Cafe broadcast, on the streets with me, and inside The Q. Enjoy and check back frequently for updated video blogs throughout the day.

Part 1: Intro

Part 2: The Hard Rock

Part 3: The Radio Station

Part 4: At The Station Still

Part 5: Crowd Reaction Outside The Q

Part 6: On the Court Pregame

Part 7: The Mayhem and Postgame

The Return

By Aaron Goldhammer

Thanks to some convincing from KNR Program Director Jason Gibbs, I’m going back to the blog after about a year hiatus. I’ll post at least a few times a week. Sometimes it will be Cleveland sports related. Sometimes it will be show related. Sometimes it will just be random things that I might have on my mind. I stopped blogging because I didn’t want to become one of those radio guys who only updates with long posts once a month. So just to be clear, you can expect my stuff to be short but frequent.

Since I went down to Cleveland Clinic Courts after the show today, let’s start this baby off with a few notes from Cavs practice:

– The biggest news of the day? Antwan Jamison didn’t practice. He might not play Friday in Philadelphia. Jamison is one of the nicest guys in the NBA so I’m sure he will never come out and say this, but he has to be miserable in Cleveland right now. He came here thinking he was going to win a title. Now, he’s the 6th man on a 25 or 30 win team. Best case for him and the Cavs is that he plays well enough to get an opportunity somewhere else after the deadline. Something tells me this one might not end well…

Cavs F JJ Hickson

– JJ Hickson’s jumper is a million times better than last year. I watched him knock down ten 15-footers in a row at one point. Now, somebody needs to teach this kid how to get a rebound. I still can’t believe the MVP chants from the game last night. I have a sense of humor, but I also thought it was just plain depressing. I was not lying when I said that I think Cleveland sports fans need to take a collective trip to the psychiatrist.

– I’m not the first one to say this, but Mo seems really unhappy; a total 180 from his personality during the regular season last year.


By Kenny Roda

Brown RB Peyton Hillis

Offense – “C-” – Brian Dabol’s offense has scored the 2nd fewest points in the NFL so why is the letter grade not a “D” or an “F”? One reason, Peyton Hillis! He has established himself as the go to guy in this offense and he is its identity for now.

That’s right a Browns offense finally has an identity. It’s a power, run oriented offense featuring Hillis. Yes the qb’s are still big question marks, and the wide receivers stink,

the o-line has been average at best, the tight ends good, but Hillis has been very good!

Defense – “C” – They’ve kept the Browns in games, but they’re still giving up big plays.

Eric Wright has been the worst player on the defense and hopefully in the second half of the season Eric Mangini will give rookie Joe Haden that starting spot at corner. Some of the additions like Scott Fujita and T.J. Ward and Haden are upgrades, but not enough to make this more than an average defense. Still too many smoke and mirror tricks by Rob Ryan to hide the weak spots.

Browns KR/WR Josh Cribbs

Special Teams – “D” – Teams around the league have figured out a way to make Josh Cribbs a non factor and it’s killing the Browns. No big play touchdowns and poor to average field position for the offense that needs a lot of help. Phil Dawson has been good & Reggie Hodges very good, but other than the two gadget plays against the Saints, nothing special.

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