Buckeyes Look To Regain Lost Respect

By: Emmett Golden

This Saturday’s game in Columbus against Wisconsin is a big one for the Buckeyes. It may be the biggest game of the season, even bigger than taking the trip up north at the end of the year.

This is an opportunity for Ohio State to regain it’s on field respectability.

Buckeyes Running Back Dan Herron

The Badgers come in licking their wounds after dropping a heart breaker to Michigan State. Many people (including myself) thought that Wisconsin would walk away with the Big Ten title this year.

After seeing them play MSU they don’t look as unbeatable as they did earlier this season.

I will say that no matter what Wisconsin will come to play. OSU head coach Luke Fickell feels the same way. “Just like any good program, good team, sometimes that wake up call burns that fire in your belly a little bit more,” Fickell said..

If the Buckeyes plan on beating the Badgers they will have to do it on the defensive side of the ball. With defense being coach Fickell’s strength you can bet he will/has studied the MSU vs. Wisconsin game film. On that film he will see the Badgers struggle with rush of MSU.

If the Buckeyes will have any chance of beating Wisconsin the cast of Sweat, Simon, Klein, and Howard will have to play the games of their college career.

The offensive side of the ball is a different story. They have to protect the ball and feed Dan Herron. Getting the senior running back going is the best and safest way for the Buckeyes to control the ball game.

If OSU can win Saturday night in front of a national audience that will help make the Buckeyes relevant again for their play on the field. It will help people move on from all the suspension talk, all the who will be the coach next year columns.

With their bowl game eligibility in the air, winning on Saturday will be just like winning a BCS bowl. Remember the players are kids. They haven’t had a chance to be “kids” all year.

So turn on the lights, tee up the ball and LET THEM PLAY!


Inside the Wigwam

By: T.J. Zuppe

Boston Red Sox vs. Cleveland Indians – Progressive Field

Tuesday: RHP Josh Beckett vs. RHP Josh Tomlin – 7:05PM

Wednesday: RHP Daisuke Matsuzaka vs. RHP Mitch Talbot – 7:05PM

Thursday: LHP Jon Lester (0-0 – 8.44) vs. RHP Fausto Carmona (0-1 – 30.00) – 12:05PM

Healthy Hafner?

For the past couple of seasons, one of the biggest question marks has always been the overall health of designated hitter Travis Hafner. If opening weekend was a sign of things to come, maybe the Indians finally received a favorable answer.

Indians Designated Hitter Travis Hafner

In the first three games against the White Sox, Pronk is hitting .385, with a home run and two driven in.

He nearly missed a second homer in Saturday’s game, and has been getting around on the ball much better than years past.

“It’s just good to get off to a good start,” Hafner said. “I feel good swinging the bat. Looking forward to keeping it up.”

On top of health, another reason for optimism with the stick is his approach, which he has changed from the previous years. Through those adjusted mechanics, he believes he is feeling much better.

“I just feel good and looking forward to every game.”

More than just numbers, Hafner passed the eye test over the weekend. Even his singles had more authority reaching the outfield, and was able to get the good part of the bat around on inside pitches.

Can this continue?

This is only a question Hafner can answer. Track record says no.

He will be eager to prove otherwise.

Starting Off On The Wrong Foot

The Indians starting pitchers  experienced the weekend from hell.

The top three men in the Tribe rotation (Fausto Carmona, Carlos Carrasco and Justin Masterson) combined for an earned run average of roughly 9.72.

In 16.2 innings, they surrendered 18 runs, on 28 hits.

If it was not for Masterson’s solid seven-inning performance on Sunday, manager Manny Acta might be looking for more relief. In those seven frames, Masterson only surrendered one run, kept the bullpen fresh and was able to pick up the team’s first win of the season.

The biggest question mark entering the 2011 campaign was the starting pitching. It does not put anyone at ease to watch the top two starters get lit up in the first weekend.

Sizemore, Smith On the Mend

The Indians are not quite at full strength to begin the season, but a couple of players are making strides to rejoining the big club.

Outfielder Grady Sizemore and right-handed relief pitcher Joe Smith will be playing with the Class-AAA Columbus Clippers on Tuesday at Huntington Park. They will both be taking part in an exhibition game against Ohio State at 6:35PM.

Sizemore was placed on the 15-day disabled list to continue rehabbing from micro-fracture surgery on his left-knee. Smith was also DL’ed, as he mends from an abdominal strain.

Fans in the Columbus area can purchase $5 tickets by visiting ClippersBaseball.com

If all continues as planned, the two will begin a rehab assignment at Class-AA Akron on Thursday, April 7th.

Indians Launch New Campaign And Videos

For those that have not had a chance to see the new videos the team has put together, you might want to take a few minutes to check them out.

“What If”

“The Ball

These videos accompany the team’s new slogan: “Creating Memories.  Connecting Generations. Celebrating Families.”

Despite what you may or may not think of the current team, the videos should leave you with a few good memories, and even more goosebumps.

The Buckeyes Will Be in a BCS Bowl This Year, but Do They Deserve It?

By Chris Fedor

Kellen Moore

When the BCS Standings come out sometime next week and teams start making reservations for January, it’s almost a certainty that Ohio State will be heading to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. My question is why? Do they actually deserve a spot in a BCS Bowl? No they don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware that they’ll be in a BCS Bowl. But they’ll be there more because of their name, because of their reputation, because their conference is perceived to be stronger, because they will generate a lot of money, and because they travel well. Not because they actually deserve it based on their play this season. None of the reasons that I just mentioned make them any more deserving than Boise State or even Michigan State, who both also have just one loss this year.

Ohio State has zero wins against teams currently in the Top 25 and their toughest out of conference game was against a Miami team that finished the season 7-5 and fired their head coach. Oh and don’t forget the landmines that they had to avoid like Indiana, Eastern Michigan, Marshall, Minnesota, and even Purdue, who combined to go 19-41 this year and that’s nearly half of OSU’s schedule. The only team that Ohio State beat this season that finished the year with at least eight wins was Ohio University. Need more? There is no quality win on their resume and their toughest game of the season was against Wisconsin in which they lost. Therefore, the two most impressive things that you can say about Ohio State this year is that they finished in a three-way tie for a Big Ten Championship and they have a more quality loss on their resume than Boise State or Michigan State. A more quality loss? That’s the second most impressive thing on their resume? How about a quality win? Oh that’s right they don’t have one. Iowa? Penn State? Miami? Illinois? Michigan? You put any of those teams in the WAC this season and all of them finish third behind Boise State and Nevada.

I know that Boise State didn’t have a brutally tough schedule and they play in the WAC. I can’t argue that. The WAC as a whole isn’t the SEC, but the Big Ten sure isn’t the SEC either. I’ve heard people tell me that the worst teams in the Big Ten are better than the worst teams in the WAC. Really? That’s the argument that you will use in favor of Ohio State? Indiana is better than San Jose State. Purdue is better than New Mexico State. Yes it is true that Boise State’s schedule was just a little bit easier than Ohio State’s. The last figure I saw was Boise State’s strength of schedule was 56th in the country, Ohio State’s was 51st. That’s not a huge disparity. Boise State’s only loss was on the road to a top 20 team in the country and it took two missed field goals for that to happen. It’s not like they lost to San Jose State. Nevada is currently 17th in the country and they are a good football team. So while Ohio State has zero wins against teams currently in the Top 25, the Broncos actually have one and they’re not more deserving because they play in a bad conference? Because the worst teams in the Big Ten that Ohio State played against are better than the worst teams in the WAC?

Last time I checked, Boise State actually has a signature win on their resume. Ohio State doesn’t. The Broncos went into Virginia Tech’s backyard and beat the Hokies. You can say what you want about the Hokies because they lost to James Madison, but more than likely they will be ACC Champs, they are number 15 in the country right now, and a win against Va. Tech is more impressive than anything OSU has done this season. I know what you’re thinking. “It’s not Ohio State’s fault that Miami struggled down the stretch and lost games. How was Ohio State supposed to know that?” Well in that case it wasn’t Boise State’s fault that Oregon State suffered a key injury that derailed their season either right?

I’m not a Boise State fan. So when it comes to Boise State I have no rooting interest, but they’re more deserving at a shot in a BCS game than Ohio State is. Maybe Boise State had their shot already and lost it when their kicker missed a chip-shot field goal on the road against Nevada. Maybe Boise State lost their chance because they lost later in the season. And maybe Boise State had a smaller window of opportunity than Ohio State. Maybe that’s true, but the Broncos and the Buckeyes are very comparable. Their strength of schedule is similar and they both have a key loss which is keeping them out of the National Championship equation.  Let’s not kid ourselves Ohio State fans; the Buckeyes had it pretty easy this year.

Boise State can play with any team in the country and despite playing in the WAC and losing to Nevada last week, their resume is more impressive than the Ohio State’s. The difference is simple. Boise State doesn’t have the same reputation, they don’t generate as much money, and in front of the word “State” it reads a city in Idaho as opposed to Ohio.

The Game! Woody and Bo!

By Michael Reghi

…And Bo and Woody! Ohio State-Michigan, Michigan-Ohio State! I still consider it to be the most meaningful rivalry in all of college sports, if not sports overall. Yet, I am completely biased, and say so proudly! The ten year battle between the two Ohio born and bred coaching icons, characterizing the fiery nature of the two, was college football theater at its very finest!

And, the games themselves usually followed suit! Always with a Big Ten championship, and the trip to the Rose Bowl on the line, the competition level was the very best college football offered from 1969-1978…anywhere in the country! Yes, as I’ve grown to appreciate the strong college football rivalries of our time, I’ll give you the likes of Oklahoma-Nebraska, USC-Notre Dame, Miami-Florida State, as some of the many that have strong meaning….none of them captivated not only the two states, but the nation, like Michigan-Ohio State, Ohio State-Michigan!

The Woody-Bo era gave us Rex Kern, Jim Otis, John Brockington and Jack Tatum..vs. Thom Darden, Reggie McKenzie, Dan Dierdorf, and Jim Mandich early….through Archie Griffin, Cornelius Greene, and John Hicks vs. Dennis Franklin, Dave Brown, and Rob Lytle, Ohioans all, who followed Bo to Ann Arbor. And in the last year of the rivalry, Woody recruited Art Schlichter to battle Michigan’s then veteran qb Rick Leach. The numbers showed Bo and Michigan holding the 5-4-1 advantage, the tie being the infamous 10-10 stalemate in Ann Arbor in 1973. Ohio State up 10-0 at the half behind Archie Griffin, and their superb defense. Michigan winning the second half 10-0 behind Dennis Franlin’s quarterbacking excellence. Yes, this was way before college football’s overtime, and the Big Ten athletic directors voted Ohio State to go  to the Rose bowl which enraged Schembechler.

The games were classics! The first of the ten, in 1969, Ohio State and Hayes undefeated, with a team that might have won an NFL Championship! Schembechler’s first season in Ann Arbor, the Barberton native, who played offensive tackle for Woody Hayes at Miami, Ohio, and later was his offensive line coach at Ohio State for five seasons, beat his mentor 24-12, with his secondary intercepting 5 passes in the stunning win!   Hayes, who was denied an undefeated season, and probable national championship told Schembechler…’ Damn you Bo! You’ll win a lot of football games at Michigan’…’none will ever be bigger then this one’! Schembechler often said his mentor was right!

Mentioned the 10-10 tie in 1973, then back to back Ohio State wins, in Columbus in 1974, 12-10 Buckeyes, without the aid of a touchdown, as Tom Skladany kicked 4 field goals, and Michigan’s Mike Lantry, a Vietnam war hero, missed a field goal attempt with 20 seconds to play to send Ohio State to the Rose Bowl. Then in Ann Arbor in 1975, it was a Griffin alright…no, not Archie, but brother Ray, who intercepted Michigan freshman qb Rick Leach in the 4th quarter to help snap a 14-14 tie, as Ohio State rallied to win. The final three years of the rivalry were all won by Bo and Michigan, as Leach directed two of the wins in Columbus, the final one against the true freshman qb Schlicter.

Earle Bruce came in to challenge Schembechler for the next nine years, winning five of the nine, before John Cooper rolled into Columbus, losing his two match ups with Schembechler, beginning the 13 year run as the head coach that most Buckeye fans would just as soon forget. The 13 battles with Michigan generated just two Ohio State wins. Which, of course, has completely flipped the other way, with the Jim Tressel led Buckeyes, who have won won six in a row over Michigan, and 8 of the nine with the former Baldwin-Wallace qb on the sidelines.

Think about it! The last 22 years of this storied rivalry have been unbelievably lopsided! Michigan losing just twice in 13 seasons, now Ohio State losing just once in the last nine games! As a kid, junior high school age through completing college during the course of the ‘Ten Year War’, I would never have believed this to be possible!

Which leads me to a word of caution to avid supporters of both programs, SLOW DOWN!!! CAREFUL!

I vividly remember telling many rabid Michigan backers during the Wolves annual crushing of John Cooper and the Buckeyes, don’t get too carried away, this will change. You see, the Michigan faithful didn’t consider it a rivalry anymore. Say what! Enter Jim Tressel, and now the Wolverines faithful are tasting that bad medicine they once were pouring into Ohio State mouths!

Buckeye fans…same principal applies. I know your saying Michigan isn’t relevant, and truly believe you’ll always beat the Wolverines, as you have 8 of the last 9. It too, will change. Just as Ohio State finally pulled the plug on Cooper, and brought in Tressel, with his strong Ohio roots to value the rivalry, Michigan will do the same, and probably very soon.

Motto for both sides. Sure, enjoy it, because it feels so good to continually own your hated rival. Just be aware that when it flips, the view from the other side, doesn’t taste good! You’ve both lived it, and know exactly what I’m talking about!

You need to only reference Woody and Bo…Bo and Woody. They respected each other enormously! Around Schembechler, you dare not say anything negative about Hayes…you’d get a verbal like you’ve never before from Bo! He revered Woody. Loved to beat him in the head-to-heads, that’s the competitor Hayes taught him to be, yet loved him as a man, and coach.

And Hayes? Everyone knew that Bo Schembechler was Hayes absolute favorite. Loved him as his  assistant coach, former player at Miami, and was very instrumental in getting Bo the head coaching job at Miami, where Schembechler won 3 MAC titles in 5 years, before the rivalry and legacy started at Michigan.

I salute these two men each and every season as the rivalry comes upon us. Was fortunate to be around both the programs as a kid playing football, went to Bo’s summer football camps three years running, and learned to respect the Michigan-Ohio State ‘way’ of playing the game…and the value of being accountable to ‘THE TEAM’. To both Hayes and Schembechler, that’s the only way to approach the game, with ‘THE TEAM’ always ahead of the individual.

It may be old school, yet I have always put both Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler on my coaching pedestal. In fact, they stand joined at the hip at the very top. Never to be taken down. For me, football lessons learned as a kid, through teenager, and young adulthood, forever remain true.

Thank you Woody and Bo…Bo and Woody!

The rivalry hasn’t swung yet, and won’t tomorrow. Rich Rodriguez is certainly not Bo Schembechler!

Ohio State bruises Michigan 41-21, and gets set for another BCS Bowl…too many big play opportunities for Ohio State offensively against the porous Michigan defense. I’m excited to see how the Ohio State defense, always rock solid, has prepared for, and deals with the talented Denard Robinson. You guys know I look for the game within the game!!!!  That aspect should be intriguing!

Enjoy everyone! Hope all had a blessed Thanksgiving!

He Was Supposed To Be The Difference

By Chris Fedor

I was at home this past weekend and I was watching the Ohio State-Penn State game while at the same time keeping my eye on Cam Newton and Auburn.  As  I was watching the game I realized something that I didn’t think about before,  Cam Newton is everything that Terrelle Pryor should be and was expected to be, but isn’t.

When Terrelle Pyror came to Ohio State, he was the number one quarterback in the country and one of the top recruits overall. With good reason.  TP was 6 foot 6, 235 pounds, ran like a gazelle, had a strong arm, and was an athletic freak. The tools that he brought to the position were something that college football really hadn’t seen before.

He was supposed to be the difference between Ohio State winning Big Ten Championships and Ohio State winning a National Championship.

He was supposed to be the player that got the Buckeyes over the “hump.”

He was supposed to be competing with the top players in the country for the Heisman Trophy.

It has been three years since TP2 arrived in Columbus and to this point he is still more hype than substance. Every year, he enters a new season with more and more hype surrounding him and every year he fails to live up to that on the field. While his record as a starting quarterback is very good and he was tremendous in the Rose Bowl against Oregon, once again Terrelle Pryor has come up short this season. The kid has the talent and the ability to be the best player in America, but he’s not. Cam Newton is.

Newton, like Pryor is a dual-threat quarterback that’s built in the same mold just better. He has ripped through every SEC defense placed in front of him, he has shattered records left and right, and nobody means more to the success of their team than Newton does to Auburn. He’s completing 68 percent of his passes, he has thrown for over 2,000 yards, and he has 21 TD’s through the air as well. On top of that, Newton has nearly 1300 yards rushing to go with 17 TD’s on the ground.

Unlike Pryor, Newton belongs in New York for the Heisman Trophy presentation at the end of the year instead of just being on the watch list at the beginning of the year.

And unlike Pryor, Newton has his team in line for a National Championship .

Terrelle Pryor could be just like Cam Newton, but he’s not. Terrelle Pryor could be the best player in America, but he’s not.

I bought into the hype this season. I thought this would be the season where everything came together for Pryor and he started to mature. However, it hasn’t happened to the level that I thought it would.

This past weekend Ohio State fans were chanting overrated at the sight of Boise State Highlights during College Gameday. Buckeye fans were right to be chanting that, but it was directed at the wrong place. Chants of overrated should be directed at the guy who is taking snaps from center in Columbus.


I loved the Ohio State Buckeyes “Focusness” in their 43-7 win over Ohio University.

They did not have a letdown at all after that big win over Miami the week before. O.S.U.

Jumped out to a 34-0 lead a never had to worry like they did two years ago when the Bobcats came to “The Horseshoe”.

That’s a sign of a mentally prepared team with solid senior and upper classmen leadership.

Yes the Buckeyes dominated and won, but that doesn’t mean they were perfect.  Far from it.  Their special teams units continue to stink. Another kick off return for a touchdown given up, but luckily for the Buckeyes it was called back because of an illegal block.

Then later in the game Ohio State had a punt blocked.  That’s a punt blocked, a field goal blocked and returned for a touchdown, a kick off returned for a touchdown and a punt returned for a touchdown in just 3 games.  The Buckeyes won’t win a national championship if these miscues continue on special teams!

Other than getting “stupid greedy” right before the half when he was intercepted in the end zone, I thought Terrelle Pryor continued to make strides at the quarterback position.  He completed 16 consecutive passes, which is a school record, and made good decisions on when to throw, who to throw to, and when to run.

Congrats to 5th year walk on senior Scott Sika.  The offensive lineman from Strongsville, Ohio was given a full scholarship for his final year at O.S.U.  Then to make his week even better, he played with the 2nd unit in the 2nd quarter of the win over Ohio and was part of the post game press conference.  Well deserved for one of the hardest workers on the team.

Here are my Browns thoughts following another embarrassing loss, this time to Kansas City at home 16-14:

Browns Quarterback Seneca Wallace

They have NO threats, ZERO threats on offense.  Not a single player scares the opposition. As a K.C. coach said after the game “they’re made up of a bunch of 2’s and 3’s, no stars at all”.

They lack talent throughout their entire roster, not just offense.  It’s a team made of up of “JAGS”, that stands for “Just Another Guy”!

Brian Dabol is not cut out to be an NFL offensive coordinator.

Eric Mangini should not sit down for too long because he’ll burn his derriere, as that seat keeps getting hotter and hotter!

I do like the play of rookies Joe Haden and T.J. Ward, they are the bright spots on this (0-2) team.

If they can’t beat Tampa Bay and Kansas City in the first two weeks, how are they supposed to win any of the next 7 games against: Baltimore, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, New England and the New York Jets?  Can you say (0-9)?

‘Shoulda, Woulda’, Coulda’!

By Michael Reghi

The inability of the Browns to build on, and then close out Tampa Bay Sunday can be attributed a couple areas that smack one right in the face, and a few others that are perplexing.

Let’s begin with learning how to win. This organization hasn’t shown they grasp that since they’ve returned in 1999, with only the Butch Davis 9-7 playoff year, and the Romeo Crennel 10-6 2007 season as contrary. Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert took the first steps in building that type of culture, one of winning, as they made moves to address in free agency, trade and the draft.

Won’t help if the on field performance, with a double-digit lead against an inferior opponent, gets in the way! The turnovers, while egregious Sunday, look to be correctable, as they involved decision-making, Jake’s Delhomme’s pair of picks, and the Peyton Hillis fumble in the red zone.

The Browns just aren’t talented enough to overcome those mistakes that take points off the board. They have to be eliminated if this team is to improve over the disaster of a 1-11 start in ’09.

Now to the coaching. Eric Mangini and Brian Daboll did not have a good afternoon in the 90-degree Florida heat. Let’s count the ways.

1. Why would you deviate from the run game against a Tampa Bay defense that ranked 32nd, dead last in the NFL, against the run a year ago? What were the 9 carries for Jerome Harrison predicated on? Did they yank Hillis after his second fumble, yes, a drive, and points killer, to send him a message, or because they no longer have confidence in him? Didn’t see him again.

Gentlemen, you’ve committed to the run as a strong staple of what you are…don’t deviate from that…WITH THE LEAD, against an inferior opponent!

2. Along that vein, just 3 showings the vaunted ‘cyclone/flash’, with Josh Cribbs and Seneca Wallace? Needed to see double that 6-8 snaps per game with those two in a variety of roles.

3. Speaking of Seneca Wallace. With Jake Delhomme laboring with an ankle that tightened, why not use Wallace, who would have given the Bucs a different look, and who might have provided a spark for an offense that dramatically stagnated in the second half.

4. And lastly, yet maybe most importantly, the non-usage of timeouts during the drive that would culminate with a John St. Clair false start on 4th and 3, as the Browns shunned the time out trying to line up, with Delhomme calling the play at the line of scrimmage. Use the timeout there Eric…you had 3, then used them all defensively after the Bucs regained the football, following the miss on 4th and 8. Bad coaching decisions hurt as much as the physical errors on the field.

Yeah, the Browns took victory over that inferior opponent, and served it on a platter for the Bucs, still one of the dregs of the NFL, to take. Tampa gladly accepted.

As always, when you lose in the NFL, it’s….Would, Could’ Should’.

***I’m reflecting on*** …3 teams, that’s right, just 3, that are legitimate National Championship hopefuls on the college side. the reigning champions from Alabama, the Ohio State Buckeyes, and the Oklahoma Sooners.

I know, just two weeks in, and I’ve narrowed the field that drastically? Absolutely! Boise State? Won’t matter, because I feel very strongly after two weeks of viewing that two of my main 3 will go undefeated, rendering as a moot point should Boise State also go 12-0.

Consider this, Alabama has the most complete package, even without Mark Ingram. Their defense is devastating, swarming constantly to the football, and they get solid, if not spectacular QB play from veteran Greg McElroy, who already has been through the rigors of winning a championship, both SEC and national.

Ohio State is the closest to  ‘Bama defensively, as they confused Jacory Harris and his Miami offensive mates in the 36-24 win Saturday. Bucks still leave too many points on the field for my taste. Red zone performance must get better, or they’ll come up short against ‘Bama and Oklahoma, not to mention Iowa or Wisconsin.

Oklahoma can be ‘WOW’! offensively, as they showed in pummeling Florida State. The Sooner trio of qb Landry Jones, tb DeMarco Murray, and wideout Ryan Broyles is more explosive then any in the country. Knew Youngstown’s Bob Stoops would rebound with a vengence after a five loss ’09…and they are poised to run the table as well.

Others are very good…that trio stands out. I have an Alabama-Oklahoma national title game. Ohio State is capable of muscling their way in. They are equipped from a personnel standpoint. Does Jim Tressel clean up his special team troubles, and find more td’s, instead of fg’s, while the offense bogs down in the red zone? Watch closely those two areas!

***I’m reflecting on**** NFL touchdowns that are, they visually pass the test, and then are taken off the board by antiquated rules like. rule 8, section 1, article 3, item 1….that’s too long of a handle…in the NFL rules book, that negated a Calvin Johnson td catch in the end zone that would have given Detroit a road win in Chicago.

Get this..had complete control of the football with two hands, left and right feet down, butt on the ground, left hand on the ground, extends ball to the ground with his right hand, gets up…no td!! Huh? C’mon competition and rules committee…do the right thing, adjust this rule next offseason. That rule is a ‘fan killer’, too! How ’bout if that call goes against Indianapolis, New England, Minnesota, Green Bay, Baltimore, instead of the lowly Lions? Imagine the howling then!!!!

Talk to you today, 3-6pm on Afternoon R & R!

Best, Cleveland!


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