Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel

By: Greg Brinda

Jim Tressel screwed up. Period!

He is paying the price and when the NCAA gets done with him and the school, the price will be higher.

So be it!

He’s an adult. He’s a coach. He should know the rules. No excuses. Trying to protect the kids is noble but very short sighted. Somebody other than him should have been told of the situation. Tressel knows better and for whatever reason he made up in his own mind, and it was the wrong one.

His image is forever tarnished. I think he knows that. The school knows that.

But Tressel is still an honorable man and a very good coach and THE OHIO STATE is in a better place with him than without him.

Tressel has learned a valuable lesson. It’s a lesson that will stay with him forever.

So let’s move on.

And by the way if OSU needs someone to coach the first two games next season, I’m available.

Oh What a Night!

By Greg Brinda

40 years ago on March 8, 1971 Muhammad Ali fought Joe Frazier

I was a freshman in High School

What I do remember was all the hype. Frazier was the heavyweight champ. Ali had the title stripped from him when he refused to go to Viet Nam for religious reasons.

Ali wanted the title back. He was still the “people’s champ” to some. Others hated him for a lot of reasons that were quite ignorant at the time. Seats at Madison Square Garden went for as much as 150 bucks, an unheard of price for a sporting event in 1971.

All the celebrities were there, at least those who could get a ticket. Tickets were in such demand Frank Sinatra got a media pass as a photographer.

There was no TV, no ESPN, and no radio. The only thing you got were reports on the national news and of course in the sports section of the following day’s newspaper.

It might have been the biggest sports event ever presented where you had to be there to see it live.

It was an event the whole country paid attention to. I wasn’t even that big of a boxing fan, but I knew this was something special.

It’s something I’ll never forget even though the access to information that night was limited.  Imagine if cable tv and especially ESPN exited that night. It might have been bigger than whether Brett Favre was coming back.

I Would/I Wouldn’t

By Greg Brinda

I would pay to see a Charlie Sheen-Lindsey Lohan reality show

I wouldn’t pay to see Pete Sampras play Andre Agassi in tennis….two old guys..come on now!

I would pay to see draft nicks try to fix a stop watch

I wouldn’t pay for a PSL if you threatened to kill me

I would pay to see Kirstie Alley wrestle Chris Jerico on Dancing With The Stars

I wouldn’t pay to watch any soccer game….EVER!!!

I would pay to eat most hot dogs

I would never pay to eat rare meat

I would pay to watch anything Sharon Stone is in

I would never pay to watch or even watch for free Lady Gaga

I would pay to watch Blake Griffin play every night

I would demand my money back if I ever paid to watch the Detroit Pistons and those low life scum bags who boycotted practice the other day.

I would pay for Dick Clark’s autograph

I wouldn’t pay for anyone elses


Good Week

By Greg Brinda

So the Browns franchise Phil Dawson…. excellent move

And the Cavs trade for Baron Davis and get another lottery pick.

Can it be any better that that?

Yes. The Indians get CC or Cliff Lee back.

We know that won’t happen so we’ll just be happy with the first two.

The Browns realized that Dawson is a VERY VALUABLE commodity and finally rewarded him.

The Cavs, meantime, traded two guys who really had no future with the club for a good player and a lottery pick which hopefully down the road will help the team get back to respectability.

Now the hard part for the Cavs. Chris Grant will have to take those two lottery picks and turn them into gold. If he does, he gets a medal. If the draft picks are a bust then he sends the franchise into oblivion.

But for now let’s be happy because there really hasn’t been much to be happy about in Cleveland sports these days.



By Greg Brinda

How sweet it is!!!!

Golf Channel sent our buddy Jim Gray home this week because his ego went haywire.

Gray tried to interview Dustin Johnson during his round because he almost missed his tee time and was assessed a two stroke penalty for being late. The key here is “during the round”

Johnson’s caddy Bobby Brown, no not the singer, got into a shouting match with Gray after the round.

Apparently all those concerned thought it would be best that Gray leave.

I agree.

But how about no more Gray ever?

I now like the Golf Channel again

As for Gray, we all know he is a d_ _ _ _ _ bag!

It’s Over

By Greg Brinda

Two more months and the Cavs season is over.

Can’t wait.

I’m now coming over to the dark side, that is the RODA side.  No, I’m not interested in another ping-pong ball in the hopper. I’m not rooting and don’t really care if the team gets the number one pick in the draft. I’m just not hoping the team gets another win

The reason: These guys don’t deserve it. Yes it was a nice win against the Clippers. It might have been the most entertaining game of the year. But that win was sandwiched between two bombs. The Cavs laid down in front of the Pistons and then on Sunday, the Cavs had no energy against a team that had not won a road game all year and who had the night before been spanked by the San Antonio Spurs.

And the team wants YOU to support this.

The coach still can’t figure it out and washes his hands on the motivation factor. The team obviously can’t motivate itself. It still doesn’t play defense and the lack of on the floor leadership is stunning. Yet the owner tweets occasionally that the team will be all right in the end and don’t worry we’ll be back.

Well, good luck with that. Right now this franchise is a disaster and a joke and realistically no real help is in sight.

As I said the clock is ticking and the end is near.


Jim Gray

By Greg Brinda

I love the Golf Channel

Jim Gray now does after round interviews with the players

I no longer watch those interviews

Why the Golf Channel hired this jerk is beyond me

I still love the Golf Channel….just a little less

And for Jim Gray. I’ll keep it to myself


By Greg Brinda

Can someone tell me why athletes who make a minimum of 400 thousand dollars a year and owners who make millions of dollars a year aren’t happy?

Why are Browns fans happy the Steelers lost the Super Bowl? At least they were there!

Why is it that bad that you can buy Cavs tickets for almost nothing?

Why are some Browns fans angry the new head coach is calling plays? As if that has NEVER happened before?

Do Cavs fans know the team will not be relevant again for at least another three years, and that’s being optimistic?

Do the Cavs really think they will keep a lot of their season ticket holders without giving them a substantial break in cost?

Why do fans think the Browns and Cavs will win something before the Indians?

Why didn’t CSU take advantage of a great opportunity last weekend when it played Butler?

How could the NFL not have all the seats in place before the Super Bowl making 400 fans have a real bad day?

Does anyone feel for the NFL Commissioner who says he’ll work for a dollar next year if there is no season? He’s made about 10 million annually.

Does anyone really feel sorry for Dan Gilbert?

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